Should I book a Mexico/West Coast sailing?



I have been reading SO many postings on all the boards about the west coast/Mexico sailings on the Mercury. They are ALL so positive EXCEPT for the seas and the weather.
Thinking of a late March/early April sailing in 05 - the rough seas concern me and the cool are the temps? or what "could" the temps be? Doesn't Mercury have a pool w/ a retractable dome? so the at if the weather isn't the best - still have that option?
I have only sailed Carib and New England/Canada sailings - and have always lucked out w/smooth seas....everyone's opinion/tolerance of the seas is different....or am I better off and playing it "safe" doing a western carib sailing on the century?

Frank Black

I have been on 8 Mexican Riviera cruises out of San Diego and L.A. , including four 10 days trips down to Acapulco. Most early in the year. I went last Janaury on The Statendam and last April on Star Princess. I am going again in January 2004 on the Mercury. ( I love just driving down to the pier and getting on a ship). The weather is always the same the first day out and last day back. It is cooler and only slightly rougher. But not such that you get seasick or cannot enjoy the cruise. All the ships going down to Mexicao have a pool area that is covered.


DAughter and son in law did the Mexican Riv about 4 years ago and had great time. Yes, the weather wasn't the best in the world, no sun tans for sure. I think they said Acapulco was about the only place the weather was warm (this was late Jan) They spent lots of relaxing time in the Salarium, went to art actions, read, those types of things. I too have done the Mexican Riv, but later in year. The secret is how much time do you want to spend on the ship, what do you like to do and will you enjoy ports that are all pretty similar? Also where you live might plan a part. If you are on the east coast and have to fly to LA or SD I think I would stick with something out of Miami, NO, Gallveston or the like, if you are in the west give the Mex Riv a try? All cruises are fun, don't you think?



Thanks so much for the positive feedback - looking at the Mercury myself for late March early April 05 sailing which stops in Monteray, Catalina and Cabo. Thinking of flying in a day or two prior - staying in SF and then sailing. What would the temps be at that time - low 70's??? and warmer as we sail south? Have NEVER been to the west coast - born and bred NY'er so anxious to hear your response



Hi Bob,

The weather in San Francisco can get quite cool and windy in the evening, but March is a great time to see SF. I think that the you will enjoy the scheduled ports, and that you will have an interesting cruise with fair skys and calm seas. In southern CA we get most of our rain in January and February, and most of our heavy seas in the winter. We have made a half dozen cruises to the Mexican Riviera in the fall and winter and have been fortunate in never seeing any bad weather. Traveling from NY means that you will have some additional flight time but it will be well worth the extra effort to cruise the Pacific waters.



If you only go as far south as Cabo you may not get much Warm weather at all when at sea in my experience. Three times up the coast north of Cabo has been cool and windy. All trips in April but one which was in late October.

I forgot to say that water wise it was fine. The wave frequency on the Pacific is diferent from the Atlantic/Cribbean. Seems to be longer and smoother. But of course you can get bad wether anywhere.

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Frank Black


It will be "cool" that time of year in Southern California. But it's a good time to visit. Why not fly into San Diego for a few days before a 7 or 10 day Mexican Riviera trip. You will get plenty of sun down there. Holland America has some cruises as well as the Mercury. I am not sure I would take a cruise that stops in Catalina and Monterey before taking one down to see Puerto Vallarta, Mazetlan and Cabo.


Thanks all so much - think you have told me what I wanted to hear!
Mercury here we come!


Hey Bob!

My wife and I are booked on the Mercury Jan 9-19. From what I have found through my research is temps in the low to mid 80's. Coming from Pittsburgh and 32 it will be great. Feel free to join us.



A few years ago I went on a 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise from LA. Feb. 2 to be exact. The weather was a bit rainy in LA. and the first and last night to and from Cabo the ship was pretty rocky but other than that the weather was great. Mid 70's to low 80's. I have booked an 11 day cruise out of San Diego in March. There's no predicting the weather as we all know. Just go and enjoy being away from the every day humdrum of life.


We did the San Fran to Cabo route this past April. I don't recall that the seas were rough at all. It was a bit cool until we got below Catalina (but we expected that), then it was downright hot in Cabo. I do remember cruising with the retractable roof half open. We took this cruise not for the ports, but rather for a break in the spring. Speaking of which, this was the first time we were on a Celebrity cruise with a few rowdy passengers (college kids.) At first it was unusual and amusing, then it got annoying. Celebrity took actiion and put them off in Cabo. Cheers were heard all around.

Lady Jag

There are two ocean currents that collide by Cabo as you're heading North and that's why there are typically rough seas there. One Capt. told me that it's one of the roughest parts of the ocean he's ever sailed. That said, it only lasts for a short period of time and is mostly during the last night. :)


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