Should I get hardsided luggage or the softsided kind?


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We always have had soft cloth luggage. Just bought a new garmet bag on wheels. One thing I do with our luggage besides lining with plastic before packing is that I spray them with Scotch Guard. I have know several people whose clothing got soaked from sitting on the docks in the rain.

I won't buy expensive luggage. The one time we did on the very first cruise is was badly damaged.

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It seems the concensus is - inexpensive soft sided. So that is what I will be doing. It is very hard for me to pick up the big suitcases anymore, so I think I will just find some of the smaller size and get 2or3. Of course than they wont fit one inside the other, but I can live with that. Gram, I like the idea to scotch guard them.


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I didn't know that you knew someone from that Luggage family. Do you get a deal ???

OMG BSea...this made my day so much brighter! :clap::biggrin: :clap:I am giggling!

As to luggage...get the lightest (hard or soft) you can for the very best price you can...and be prepared to weep when you see what happened to it once it left your care. Follow E's advice and take a luggage scale with you when you go shopping. It's hard to tell the weight by just hefting the piece yourself. If your choice comes in a hideous colour choose that makes your luggage easier to spot in the mass of black and red.

Ideally...pack in only one carry on bag! I did it for my last cruise and it worked like a hot dam' .... Of course it was a warm destination. I am caving in on our Europe cruise and we are each taking one carry on but checking only one bag between us ... mostly because I think I might want to bring back some souvenirs!

Whatever luggage you choose I hope you get to use it often and have many wonderful and happy travel adventures.

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:biggrin:we got Heys Hard-sided, 3 piece set from BJ's.. no shipping cost..and it's got the swivel wheels. it got through Europe and the Baltic last Summer after 2 previous trips..and our Gem of a TA gave us a Digital luggage weight scale's lasted for simply set of replace batteries from "The Dollar store"..!!!
we got our three piece Luggage set for $199.00 each...

and we've seen it at TJ Maxx.. not much more for price..when it goes we will simply get another set..

we bought luggage straps with our last name on them years ago...the only Ljungvall's in the USA are our all 27 of us....!?!
.and my luggage is TEAL..and can you believe??? in Phoenix some dingbat tried to lift my luggage.and I always put the name straps on.......I very sarcastically said to him..UM THAT'S MINE and Unless you are an unknown brother in law and you like Teal luggage you had BETTER put it down NOW!!!!or.. I'll get Security to BUST your *SS.
I was so wild..Really are you that oblivious?????

. he dropped it like a hot potato. he sheepishly was like sorry looks like my wife's...REALLY???????????Ignoramus..and is her last name LJUNGVALL???????
..some people...years ago Jessica had RED luggage with Princess's luggage strap on it and her last name of Ljungvall plastered on the name tag...a distracted business man STILL grabbed hers.. he was like OOPs sorry..SHE was NOT amused..took 3 days to get it back...luckily it was on the trip home.....she ripped him a new one....jerks...I swear..anyhoo...we will replace it with Heys hard stuff.durable as it's going to get...Good luck!!!..Joanne
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