"Shower Only" Cabins



Hello. I was wondering if anybody had some feedback on "Shower Only" cabins. I'm interested in booking a May cruise aboard the Noordam, but am a little wary about booking a "Shower Only" cabin. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Krazy Kruizers

Our first cruise, many, many years ago - we chose a cabin with shower only. We had rough seas the first night out. DH took a shower. I was sitting on the sofa and water went everywhere!! And the shower was small - the curtain wrapped around him!!:D

Never again. After that we chose cabins that had a bath tub with shower.

Now on the Vista class ships we had a bathtub with shower and a separate shower (Suites). DH used that shower all the time - he loved it. It does just have a curtain but you can control the water temperature better than with the shower in the tub.