Sick furbaby :(



My oldest furbaby who I found when he was just 8 weeks old is not doing very well. :( He will be 13 in October and although I know that's a very good age for larger sized dog it doesn't ease my heartache. :( He has hip dysplasia but the main problem is the disc in his lower back. We decided against surgery because of his age and his other problems.

It's just 1 year ago on September 1st we we lost our other furbaby and this is killing me :(
Morris started a course of prednisone today which did help the last time it got this bad but he looks so very 'sad' this time. :( He is also on pain medication and has been for awhile, he can't take the previcox or rimadyl.

My other rescued 'kids' can tell there is something wrong too :(

I am giving him Reiki Healing and lots of love of course. :)

I should add that through all this he is eating well and can manage a bark or two and is trying to 'cock' his leg when he pees! :D He never did do that until he was about 2 years of age, and he still doesn't always pee like a male, but for some reason he feels he has to now that he shouldn't be 'cocking' his leg as his back legs are so unstable!

We are cruising for 2 weeks on September 19th and I won't be able to go if he is still this ill........... that is if he is still with us then :(


Barbara, I am saddened by this news. Know that you and Morris are in my thoughts and prayers.


This is such a tough time for you and Morris. Take it one day at a time and you will know what to do. Prayers.....


Prayers are on the way. I can't stand it when the furbabies are sick, so good thoughts are also on the way.


Aargh. This is awful for Morris and for you. What to do? Wait and see? I'd have a hard time leaving for two weeks knowing he isn't well. He's been there for you always, hasn't he? I guess as long as he's eating and drinking, he wants to stick around, pain and all. But once they don't eat and go off in a corner, I guess they are letting you know.

I've never been through this, but may be in the near future with our little furbaby. I am very sad for all of you.


Prayer's & Good Thought's are on the way from MN.
You will know when it's the right time & what to do.


Having been thru this a few times I know what you are going thru. In fact, we had 1 of our furbabies put down last week & it was gut wrenching. I would just ask that you keep in mind that your best friend who has always been there for you with unconditional love depends on you to make the right decisions for him. You say he is on pain meds but his eyes look so very sad--in actuality we have no way to know how well the pain meds are working. Have you ever had a migrane, toothache, surgery, etc where the pain meds took the edge off but you were really still in pain? You say he manages a bark now and then but what about his quality of life? Is he able to do the things he did say a yr ago? I'm not trying to push you into anything but with my little maltese, Jack, I knew in my heart he was really going down hill but each morning I would tell myself--he's a tiny bit better today--I was in denial that his time had come. He always slept at the foot of the bed & then 1 nite he woke me with his labored breathing & I knew we were in real trouble. I picked him up & tried to comfort him but his last minutes were agonizing & I will live the rest of my life regretting that when my best friend needed me to do what was in "his best interest" I let him down and he suffered needlessly. My heart goes out to you as it is so difficult watching our furbabies when they are sick.


Thanks everyone.
Kathy I understand what you are saying but I wouldn't dream of keeping him 'here' just for my sake :) He has a good quality of life it's just with this kind of disc trouble it can cause paralysis at any time and of course like most back problems can be very painful :( He still jumps onto the bed which is very low even though we try to lift him on it :lol
We have ramps for him to use which we built and is he ok with those.
He had this kind of episode once before a few months ago and the prednisone worked wonders then i am just hoping it does the same now. His eyes are no longer sad and he is isn't limping or chewing that foot as he was yesterday :) He's still not stable on his back legs and his gait is a little odd.
I just worry about when we go away even though his 'grandfather' will be taking care of him and the others. We have decided that if he improves and we don't have to make THAT decision just yet he will go stay with his grandfather in his ranch style house so he can keep a close eye on him. My good friend who is also a 'dog' person will help with Morris if it is needed. She came with me to the vets last year when Rudy left us for a carefree life in Rainbow Bridge,my husband was out of the country at the time :(
Thanks again everyone keep those good thoughts coming!


I just saw this note, Barbara. I know what you are going through having been through a similar situation myself - my prayers and good wishes go out to all of you. Please keep us updated, and give Morris some scritches from me...and tail wags from Pucci.

Pucci has always pee'd like a girl - the only time he has ever attempted to lift a leg was after he had his bladder stone surgeries and flushings (which made his private area very sore), and he wasn't quite sure what to do with his leg(s) or which leg to lift. He finally ended up one time by lifting his left FRONT leg. Although the situation was anything but funny, I had to stifle a laugh because the scene was so comical.


Shipmaven :lol
Morris James to give him his full title has improved a little more as the day has gone on. :)
I really feel the prednisone is helping, if I could just make him rest more instead of following me around all day ( along with the other 2 woofers and the cat :D) he would improve even more :)

Cruise cutie

=hugs Barbara..we went through this last year with our beloved Scooter.. my heart is breaking for you.. and I pray for you.. we had to take Scooter in to say Goodbye..we knew the Prednisone helped, but the pain..:( heart still aches with the loss.. it's been almost 18 months and I still can hardly bear it..sigh.. take care.. prayers and love from us..Joanne


Barbara - I pray the prednisone will help Morris James, and give him good quality of life for a long time. Yes, I'm all too familiar with furbabies shadowing your every step.

Joanne - =hug I know what it's like to miss a precious furbaby for years (my Topaz). Just keep remembering that you did the kind and correct act for Scooter.


Awww Barbara! I'm so sorry that Morris James isn't feeling very well..I hope he continues to improve for you! It is really hard to see our "best friends" going downhill! Special skritches for Morris and =hug=hug=hug for you!


Barbara, I am so sorry to hear this news. It's so difficult when our loved furbabies are hurting. And it's so difficult to know what to do. Be assured that no matter what you decide, it will be the right thing. You will know in your heart it was.

I'm glad to read on that he seems to be feeling a bit better as his meds are taking effect. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the correct dosage to build up. Please let us know how he is doing.

ps, Kiefer still pees like a girl dog quite a bit, but he's raising his leg most of the time. What's heartbreaking for me is when he raises a leg, and his knee cap pops out and his leg just hangs there like it's broken! I've discovered I can just pop his kneecap back into place and Kiefer is on his merry way. But that and his hips are a big problem waiting to happen...


Morning everyone :)
I tried to post yesterday but the computer wasn't ' playing' due to Hanna, we live near Charleston SC.

Morris is doing great! No limp or odd gait and he isn't chewing his foot anymore which means the nerves to it are not inflamed :) Also yesterday when his 'Aunty' from England phoned to see how he was, he began to frantically wag his tail and bark, bark, bark and natter at me because he wasn't getting enough attention! :D He knew it was Aunty Sharon on the phone too I am sure. :)
So for now we have him with us for a little while longer. :couple
Thanks to everyone for posting and sending good thoughts his way.

Glo, poor old Keifer! Can't you have surgery done one leg at a time? Knee, hip, knee, hip? The vet who did the 'hip removal' on Guinness also did surgery on his friends boxer at the same time, she had the same problems as Keifer and she did wonderful afterwards. :) You do not need an orthopaedic surgeon if it is 'basic surgery' especially for removal of the head of the femurs. We initially took Guin to the surgeon who told us both hips were too damaged to do anything with other than 2 new hip joints or the head of femur removal. After years of doing hip joint replacements on all dogs he said he now only advises new hips for working type dogs as he feels 'pets' always do fine with no femoral head, and obviously the cost is much lower. He also told us our own vet could do the surgery and it would be cheaper plus in our case he was MUCH closer to our home. So that is what we did, and as you know he did great and he can outrun any of my other dogs and he runs around at the speed of a greyhound, plus jumping off the deck and clearing the dog gate from a sitting position! :D
My niece who lives in NC had the knee surgery on one of her little rescue dogs at her own vets too and she goes running with her 'dad' now :)


Good news, good news! I feel better for you and Morris. I was afraid to open this thread, but finally did so this evening. Aaaah, hope it lasts and lasts...


I haven't been over here for a while. I was saddened to read of the problems of your furbaby but so happy to continue reading and find he is doing better. May he continue to improve!


Barbara, we are dealing with a very similar situation here with our dog, Charlie. She is a Shepherd Mix about 12 years old now.

About a year ago, Charlie would cry out in pain on occasion, and we didn't know what it was. The vet determined, after tests, etc., that it is Deg. Disc Disease. We also opted not to have any surgery, because she said it sometimes makes things worse. So we went the pain-pill route, and poor Charlie was so doped up that she couldn't walk! So since then, she has been on steroids.

The bad side effects of the steroids, eating more, frequent urination, etc., have subsided a little. We now have her down to the lowest dose, and she seems to be okay. But you can see that she takes the stairs very slowly, and carefully moves around.

I guess it's a trade-off, the pain pills or the steroids, which is best? I've read so much on the internet, and I still don't know which.

My neighbor is a vet assistant. She has a degree in Zoology. She has been a tremendous help, always keeping tabs on our dog. I'm glad for that. And it's her Clinic where we take our dog (to the Vet).

I wish there was something else we could do, I'm thinking of trying Chiropractic or Acupuncture. Some have had success with that.

Anyway, best wishes for good healing for your dog too. :)


We have had Morris to the Chiropractor for his back and hips, the office staff just fell in love with him :loveya
I am just concerned now about taking him because I really don't know the true 'condition' of his disc, I need to speak with the chirop again . My chiropractor adjusted him very easily and he knew exactly where his problem was. Sadly to say my chiropractor is moving areas and I have yet to ask if the new doctor will work with animals.
I am also a Reiki healing practitioner so I give him reiki, but I haven't spent time giving him the healing unless he was 'ill' and I need to do it everyday, which I have now got back into the routine off. It only takes me half an hour at the most!
As for the pain meds (tramadol) he is used to it now, I preferred it when it made him sleep as that made him rest which is what he needs to help rest his back. Sometimes I give him a benadryl to help sedate him at night or late evening so he does relax :) He finishes this course of prednisone in a couple of days and so far he is still doing good. :D
I have made arrangements with the vets office for when I am away should he need another course of prednisone or any other treatment. I just hope this course of prednisone last as long as his last course did, so keep your fingers crossed.
He wants to eat everything but then he always did :D
I am trying to figure out how to post a photo but I am not doing too well! =huh