"Sideways" rooms on Century



Hi there - we are booking a cruise on the Century in January, and noticed that several of the cat. 9 rooms that are left are "sideways"... perpendicular to the rest of the rooms. A couple examples are 1042-1044 on the Penthouse deck. Any reason NOT to book these?

Thanks!! We've done Millie in 2001 and RC's Adventure of the Seas in 2003... looking forward to Century in 2005!!



I'll be interested to see the responses for this one. We are booked on the Penthouse Deck, sideways room 1076, for June 5-12 on the Century.


Let me warn you that the cruise staterooms shown aren't always an exact replica of the actual stateroom... as I discovered once while checking out a cabin I had actually been in.

My brother has stayed in one of the "side-ways" cabins, and they liked it. The door is where the table is usually placed (about where the door would be when you have an adjoining cabin), and therefore, they didn't have a table like we had in our inside stateroom. On the other hand, it does seem to have more usable space. The only "negative" comment they made is that the head of their bed was about where the bathroom was in the adjoining cabin, and they could hear the flushing (and one night, the results of overindulgence) more than normal.

I would not be concerned about booking one of these cabins.