Signatures Are Coming Back..... BUT



Well, OK, nobody likes the BUT part but.........................
But, what we have had to look at is what is best for the entire community as a whole, granted that entire community also includes a whole lot of people that do not post, probably never will post, but yet they come to cruise addicts for one reason or another, the needs of all should be considered. Really this just boils down to consideration for your fellow posters or even just readers for those that lurk on a regular basis rather than post.
Different cruise forums have addressed this issue in several ways, the way we are addressing it is our way, or what is best for us and our community overall.

Rules of the Road:
Two of the three, signature graphic, countdown clock, history list
Size of Signature: Maximum of 150X600 pixels display area and limited to 500 characters, signature restrictions will cut you off at 500 (we may adjust this later)
Emoticons and flags will be accepted from the Cruise Addicts list but remember any of these added to the signature will affect the total character count.

There are usually three main issues for signature files, a signature graphic, a countdown clock and a list of past cruises. CRUISE ADDICTS policy will be two out of the three, your choice. If you want a sig graphic and a countdown clock, leave out the history, history and a countdown, leave out the sig graphic. We have provided an option for listing cruise history within your profile so this is always an option if you want to have all three but only two allowed in the actual signature.

Signatures will be limited to the number of characters you can enter in the signature file, this includes spaces, there will be enough to allow for a signature graphic and a ("a" as in one each, alone, assorted) countdown clock, so pick your favorite, additional clocks can be added in your profile along with your history list.
Graphics will be limited to the height in the example below.

Height will be allowed up to 150 pixels and width will be allowed up to the width of the post or 600 pixels which ever comes first but remember if you are using text there is the possibility of word wrap which will increase the height of the signature beyond the acceptable limit, if in doubt, BE CONSERVATIVE, it will make it easier for all of us.
Some original signature graphics did exceed 150 pix in height, these will be allowed to remain but depending on what else is in the signature so some signatures will be dealt with on an individual basis. Not to worry there will be no favorites played here but keep in mind that the decisions will be staff issues and not up for a vote. Also remember that there are certain situations where Cruise Addicts issues are promoted within an signature, prime example is Eienstein and Red promoting the group cruises, this is an internal support issue for the benefit of the site as a whole, not part of the personal signature though it is place there so that it becomes repetitive.

Countdown Clocks
Cruise Addicts has created its own countdown clock. This clock was built from concept but was coded from the ground up and written in the same language as the Cruise Addicts forums so that it will integrate seamlessly and run fast and efficient (more on that later) within the forums. We are not going to force you to use the Cruise Addicts clock but it will be the template against which any other clock is compared. That means, another clock can not exceed the physical size of the Cruise Addicts clock, the amount of code used to implement a clock can not exceed that used for the Cruise Addicts clock, the code used must be UBB based code, the code must not contain any clickable links to outside sources, even if it is the clocks host (this may violate the terms of use of the clock host by removing this link).

Signature Graphics
Most all existing signature graphics will remain, but only one please, so pick your favorite, again you may add any additional to your profile.

Please review your signature file and take steps to bring it into compliance with the guidelines, we will allow a few days but will eventually start sending out reminders to those that do not meet the guidelines. We would prefer to make this an easy transition and not have to enforce compliance and if anybody has problems please contact a staff member and we will be happy to evaluate on an individual basis and make recommendations accordingly.


I'm sorry boB, you lost me. All I want to know is if I'll be able to keep my setting sun? I'm thinking yes...but as I said I got a tad bit confused with all the pix stuff that I know very little about. Since someone in our community helped get me set up with my beach sunset I have no idea how many pixels it is in the first place. However, it does look like it would fit in the blue 150/600 area you showed above.


Thanks bOB and the rest of the staff. It sounds reasonable to me. I look forward to seeing the countdown clock. In the meantime, let me know if the text in my signature does not meet the guidelines.


Sandy, look at the diagram in the guidelines post!!!! would your signature graphic fit within that blue block, if it does, than you are within the guide lines, in this case you are and you can also add something to the right of it, not above or below it.

Denise, John's instructions , and the conversations we have had concerning this do allow for being flexible. If you want to have two signature gifs and no countdown clock, your and instant winner, two out of three rule, equal opportunity, if you want two countdown clocks and no signature gif, another winner, keep in mind the two out of three rule but it is pretty hard to have two history lists not to mention being really impractical, so we can probably skip that part. The only thing I ask is that you put them side by side, putting one above the other will exceed the 150px height limit.


Am I confused! How do we access the CA countdown clock? I tried deleting one of my countdown clocks, the duck one, and the Death to Calgon countdown was still too many characters.


I'm guessing mine is okay for now, but please let me know if it isn't.

I'll wait to see some of the changes, and address my reservations privately if necessary.


Another thing here is that a signature is limited to 500 characters, consider that 500 letter, symbols, spaces or anything that consumes a space, whatever you can do with 500 keystrokes as long as it does not exceed the physical size of 150X600 will probably be OK.
Also please keep in mind that there are ways to circumvent these restrictions, please, please don't, I have always told John during our discussions on this that I could fill a page with one letter. Let's just say I hope that everybody respects the nature of this situation because we would not enjoy having to deal with someone purposely abusing the guidelines.

Again, if you are not sure, having difficulty, have questions, please ask, we want to get this working as fast and smoothly as possible.


By the way bOB, where do we access the Cruise @ddicts countdown clock? I do not see it in the "Edit Signature" area. If we add info to the blocks in the "Edit Profile" area, there is no box to check to add it to the signature. Or maybe I'm just more confuzzled than I thought . . . . .and that's no stretch! :lol


move your pixie up to your avatar, go in and erase all of the text in your signature that will eliminate the two clocks, move the history list to your profile and then you will be ready for a) two clocks b) two sig graphics c) one sig graphic and one clock, calgon looses

we are not sure about the graphic inside the globe, this may violate international obscenity laws, we are checking on it, the rest of the graphics are OK, two sig graphics as apposed to a countdown and a sig, and an emoticon flag. fits within the size and uses less than 500 characters

You are the poster boy, well except for the graphic inside the globe....................<img src=>


The countdown clock is not live yet, should be by tomorrow or Monday at the latest, I am still creating the necessary backgrounds for it, will start with a few and then add more.


I hope mine is okay, because if it isn't, I don't know enough computerese to know what to do with it. Scientific stuff is okay - I can deal with that, but computer stuff, AARRRGGGHHHHH!


I got it down to under 500 characters, but I can't getr my two remaining graphis to go side by side, Simon keeps crawling under my blinking cat. Is there a trick???