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Signatures Are Coming Back..... BUT

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by bOB, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Ruchela, you are fine

    Connie, I would have to see the code to see why it is not lining up
  2. conniecat

    conniecat Guest

    bOB, sent you a PM cc
  3. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    That's easy for you to say.... when I go to CONTROL CENTER / OPTIONS / AVATAR and click in the space for the info on my avatar, it immediately takes me to MY PICTURES on my pc. But it's not there, and I dont' know how to get it there. sigh... do I need to drag the nerd up here, or is it easier than I think?
  4. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Glo, you have to use the upload avatar to upload it to the files section on addicts, then it will show up in the selection area and you can select it as your avatar. It's easy, trust me, I used to be an air raid warden................
  5. herb

    herb Guest

    I can't even get one out of 3 :(

    I got rid of gifs and countdown clock... all I wanted was my cruise history with the corresponding smiley and it says it's over 500 characters! I haven't been on THAT many cruises!!

    Edited to ask: How come now it shows up ???? =huh
  6. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

    Is mine okay!!
  7. Corky

    Corky Guest

    =helpsign I took my stuff out and now I'm nekid :lol Where do I get a countdown clock? ::eek:

    Never mind, I now see the Countdown thread...on to read it. :)
  8. suer182

    suer182 Guest

    Glo-you need to save your tinkerbell to your computer first

    Herb you can also put your cruise history in your profile. It will show up there. "~" these things also count as part of the 500.

    earl, yours is a tad big. http://www.addictscay.com/cfi_countdown/cfi_countdown.php

    Anyone who has a gif that was created by a C@ elf and/or is stored on addicts cay is fine.
  9. Karry

    Karry Guest

    I have a problem too. I am trying to edit my siggy to take OUT a cruise we cancelled. I delete it, click on "submit" -takes 5 minutes and then the "cannot find this website" thingy comes up =shrug This has happened 4x. Also noticed the "preview" is missing.
  10. suer182

    suer182 Guest

    Karry what browser are you using. It took forever and a day for me to edit mine using IE6 but on firefox it was fast.
  11. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    My globug is on addictscay, so do I need to move it? Argh... confused still =bashcomp
  12. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Earl, besides Suer's suggestion that it is slightly big it also contains promotional links back to myspace, these flash countdowns consume a considerable amount of resources.

    Herb, have no clue as to why it is showing but without counting the characters, I know that it would allow at least the first fifty and then cut it off, is this showing up completely? or are you missing a few words? Also if you take out the spaces, between the history and the quote, you would probably slide by the 150 height limit, right now it is too tall.

    Corky, you need to put your clocks side by side,

    Kerry, have sent you a pm

    Glo, have sent you a lump of coal, wrapped in a pm
  13. Corky

    Corky Guest

    bOB - no matter what I do it makes the Jewel go on the bottom.

    This is what I am entering, w/o the **, and with or w/o the comma between the two countdown clocks:


  14. maw

    maw Guest

    Okay now check Maw ut--anything that needs to be done will have to be done by someone smarter than me.
  15. Corky

    Corky Guest

    bOB - let's try this again:


    I've inserted a bunch of spaces to it won't put it in as a clock as it did above. :)
  16. Corky

    Corky Guest

    I give up, now the whole post doesn't show...maybe I should PM you with it?
  17. bOB

    bOB Guest

    well corky, not sure what you are seeing but what i am seeing is fine

    resolution plays a big part in this. if your screen resolution is set at 800X600 the sig is going to wrap, today the normal standard resolution is 1024X768 and this is what I base my requirement on, at 1024X768 your signature meets the requirement. your done.
  18. Corky

    Corky Guest

    Ok - hey, that works for me. I guess, like you say, maybe it is because I work off a laptop that it is wrapping on my screen versus going side by side on yours. As long as we are good to then I am glad it is all worked out.

    Mucho gracious! :)
  19. herb

    herb Guest

    okay, I went to "EDIT SIGNATURE".... I got rid of all those ' ~~~~' top and bottom of the Buchwald quote.... clicked submit, and all I get is a pink warning on top that my signature is too big.......................... I KNOW THAT, that's why I'm at the EDIT SIGNATURE part of the forum!! I am trying to make it smaller, just doesn't seem to "accept" my editing.
  20. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Herb, what I have found is that if you are exceeding the 500 limit, you will need to delete whatever it takes to bring you inside of 500, then at that point you can start editing. Might have to delete the quote then start editing the signature from there.
    We do seem to be having the most issues where signatures were exceeding the limit to start.

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