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Silly Question: toiletries

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by jajordan, May 20, 2007.

  1. jajordan

    jajordan Guest

    We're going on our first cruise in 20 days and were wondering something fairly easy.

    Like hotel rooms, does Princess provide soap, blowdryers, etc. in rooms? Cost, included?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Whimsy

    Whimsy Guest

    Yes, they have packets in regular rooms and small bottles in mini suites. The products are Lotus Spa and the steward will keep replenishing them as you use them.

    They have blow dryers in the rooms althought they are not very powerful. It dried my hair (shorter) but if you had long, thick hair you might be drying for quite a while.
  3. jajordan

    jajordan Guest

    Great news, thank you.
  4. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Just remember to pre-open the packets of shampoo & conditioner before you get in the shower. They are next to impossible to open once your hands are wet! :lol :lol

    I wonder how many people stuggle each day to open those shampoo packets? :lol :lol A hidden camera would be hilarious. (from the neck up, that is! =eek ) I usually end up using my teeth to get them open. =dunno
  5. littlebit

    littlebit Guest

    That's good to know about the bottles. We'll be in a mini suite on our next cruise. I'm assuming this includes shampoo, conditioner and lotions? Are there any other things that comes with booking a mini suite?
  6. jajordan

    jajordan Guest

    The larger question that goes along with toiletries is - when we walk in the room, of the items in the room, what are included and what are things they count and charge extra for?

    So toileties are included. I've heard robes are available, fruit basket, etc. I have to assume they're not "free". What else should we watch out for? I'd hate to have my son pick up a banana and get nailed for $6. :)
  7. Flamomo

    Flamomo Guest

    Toiletries are free, as is fresh fruit.
    The bottle of water in the refrigerator IS charged for if you open it. We use it, and refill it from the faucet in the bathroom. The water on the ship tastes fine.
    The steward fills the ice bucket in the fridge morning and evening.
    The candies that are placed on your pillows each night at turndown are free, and quite tasty.
    On our cruise in February, there was a dispenser bottle affixed to the wall of the shower, and was labeled as body wash / shampoo. I didn't like it for shampoo, but had brought my favorite brand along because I am picky about shampoo. But it was fine as a body wash.
    As another poster said, the hair dryer is not very effective, so I have learned to pack my travel dryer when cruising with Princess.
  8. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Being in a mini-suite doesn't really get you much of anything except more space. We did get canapes on both formal nights, but I think that was because I'm at the Elite Level with the Captain's Circle.

    The toiletries aren't in bottles unless you're in a full suite. Otherwise, they are paper packets coated in plastic.
    Robes are free to use. If you take them with you, they'll charge you.
  9. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Had a mini-suite on the Golden in April (Amigos cruise) and the shampoo and conditioner were in the little bottles. I have never had any trouble getting the paper packets open though. If you get paper packets don't try to tear them open--just twist the top and they twist off easily. Also, the contents will not goosh all over!

    If you have hair that is long and thick you might want to bring along your own hairdryer.

    There is no charge for the fruit bowl that is placed in your room. There is no charge for the use of a robe in your cabin. If there is not a robe hanging in the closet when you arrive simply ask your room steward and one will be delivered. If you pack it though you might find you get charged :grin !

    You will find pool towels in your cabin-blue and white striped. You may take them with you to the pool or the beach when in port. Remember to bring them back to the ship though ;)

    Tell your son not to open the water or any of the sodas that are placed in your cabin unless you wish to pay for them.

    Flamomo--which ship had the soap/shampoo dispenser afixed to the shower wall? I have yet to see that on a Princess ship--I hate those things and I think the showers are so small that Princess can ill afford to have dispensers taking up room in the shower =lolgang
  10. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Come to think of it, Beryl is right. The mini-suites last March did have the bottled toiletries. The minis USED to have only the paper packets. I flashed back to prior years on Princess and skipped right over our Princess cruise last March. :dizzy
  11. Flamomo

    Flamomo Guest

    We were on the Sea Princess, in a regular balcony cabin on the Caribe deck. It was the first time we'd seen these dispenser bottles. It's not a big one, so doesn't really affect showering space.
    The hair conditioner and that nice Lotus Spa lotion packets were in the dish on the counter, as usual. But no little packets of shampoo. I didn't think to ask the steward if those were still available.
  12. Whimsy

    Whimsy Guest

    We had a mini suite last year and had the little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, etc. We did not get canapes, that must of been because the poster was elite. I didn't use the shampoo and conditioner on board, I have a mess with my hair in tropical climates but tried it at home. I didn't care for it but my hair can be hard to manage, thin, flyaway, bit of a wave...

    You are supposed to get a glass of champagne also upon boarding, we didn't get one and didn't ask about it either. You also get to select from a pillow menu if memory serves me right and you get upgraded linens.

    What we loved about our mini suite was the covered balcony, the aft location, the larger bathroom with tub and the stairs close by.
  13. littlebit

    littlebit Guest

    I'm looking forward to the TUB! It will feel good after being on shore!

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