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Thank you again.

Haven't had to take pain meds since the day of surgery, so we're making progress.

{{{Hugs}}} and thank you for your concern!

Dr. Pucci has been keeping a close eye on things. :)


Forever Remembered
Thank you, Jeanie and Yonnie. My mouth doesn't feel too bad if I don't talk too much (NO SNIDE REMARKS!) :D The doctor was building up some of my lower gum, and part of the process was to remove skin from the palate to cover the bone implant. The palate is tender. The pain reliever of choice is ICE CREAM. :)

Dr. Pucci continues to keep a closer watch than usual on me - but I must admit I saw a few stars when he recocheted off my sore leg jumping onto the bed last night. I had a little talk with him!!!:no:

Cruise cutie

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Ice Cream HUH????

The Dental Surgeons I worked for never told our pt's score!! was milkshakes at our practice...

my scritchy Lauren throat has sympathy..hugs and love on all your owies..

as for Calgon..Whooeee he is Brave or foolhardy or BOTH.:duh:

.Dear Judi is one tough Broad, and she can make men zoom for foxholes..:hammer:...he best be hoping she forgives and forgets...:cool:.
.be in touch soon....Joanne


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Mary Ann, that procedure sounds painful. Glad the ice cream is helping. Better to use an old fashioned remedy than all those drugs! :)


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wow , i didn't know what procedure yu had done. I am surprised that even after one day you stopped the meds... that does indeed sound like it would be quite painful for days. Hehe.. icecream huh?? any excuse to eat ice cream is a good enough excuse for me...

And being that it is doctor "perscribed" it is guilt free ice cream and there is no better ice cream than that my friends...