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Single Digit Midgit!

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by o2cruise, May 3, 2001.

  1. o2cruise

    o2cruise Guest

    Seems we have been counting down forever and we've finally made it to the single digit midgit club! (along with Divetex!) In 9 days we will be leaving for Miami and then on Voyager of Seas....yes, we are excited!!!
  2. Denise P.

    Denise P. Guest

    congratulations! hope you have a fantastic trip with many wonderful memories, keep a journal so you can write a long review!
    Happy Sailing!
  3. Divetex

    Divetex Guest

  4. Divetex

    Divetex Guest

    Oops!Single Digit Midgit!

  5. andrea

    andrea Guest

    Re: Oops!Single Digit Midgit!

    Wow! I wish I was a single digit midgit! I wish I was a double digit midgit! But, alas, my next cruise isn't until next January. I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you!

    B) andrea
  6. DisneyBlonde

    DisneyBlonde Guest

    Re: Oops!Single Digit Midgit!

    YEAH!!!!! Can you believe it!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!

  7. Donna

    Donna Guest

    Re: Oops!Single Digit Midgit!

    Way to go! Single Digit! I still have 45 days before we leave.

    Have a great trip and let us know all about it when we return.
  8. Maureen

    Maureen Guest

    Re: Oops!Single Digit Midgit!

    My, My.....time is sure flying by for you....wish I was a single digit midgit again!!!!
  9. LisaL

    LisaL Guest

    Re: Oops!Single Digit Midgit!

    Hey Vicky!
    You beat me to it! I can't believe our cruise is only 9 days away!!! I'll try to email you today and see if we can arrange a time and place to meet.
    Can't wait to meet you all!! :)
  10. KathyR

    KathyR Guest

    Re: Oops!Single Digit Midgit!

    Congrats on being a single digit midgit. Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy every moment of your cruise. I wish our was closer than 157 days away, but the waiting is part of the fun.

    Happy Cruising,
  11. SueSeaQ

    SueSeaQ Guest

    Congratulations Vicky!
    You're going to have such a great time! We were on Voyager about a year ago and had a blast. There was so much to do and the entertainment was fantastic. There's almost no reason to get off the ship!
  12. Seawall

    Seawall Guest

    Way to go, Vicky! Hope you have a great cruise aboard the Voyager!
  13. glo-ree-bee

    glo-ree-bee Guest

    From a double digit midget----gee I wish it was me!!!

    Have a blast. The waiting time seems so long and the cruise time so short and the blues after the cruise time so depressing!. So enjoy every single minute of the before and cruise time!!!
  14. cbccamp

    cbccamp Guest

    WOW only 9 days congrats i wish i was you I have 35 days till mine on the jubilee and i am still get really excited.
  15. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    Lucky you Vicky....I know the next 9 will just fly buy. I still have 162 days to go!

    DeniseZ B)
  16. TinaLee

    TinaLee Guest



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