Sitka: Wildlife quest or Silverbay discovery tour.



Hello! Has anyone done these or any similar excursions in Sitka? I tried to book the wildlife quest directly with Allen Marine for half the cost & they wouldn't allow it becuase we are cruise ship passengers. Don't know how feasible it would be to wait & see if we can book it once we arrive. Tried Sitka Secrets & they are sold out for a similar tour. If I have to, I will book the tour directly with the cruise ship, but being that there are 7 in our group it's a substantial difference between what the cruise charges & what the tour companies charge on land. Of course it doesn't matter what they charge on land, if they won't let me take the tour! 5 in our group are over 70, so I'm looking for some sort of excursion that would allow them to see some wildlife while being able to sit comfortably. Any help with this or opinions on tour recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We sail on sept. 5! Thanks !


It is a pretty good tour, you will see a good deal of Marine Wildlife. Sea Otters, Sea Lions, hopefully a good many whales. Depending on where they go It can get a little rough going through the straits. They usually pick you up right at the ship since Sitka is a tender port. There may be a company you can book direct with but I am not aware of it.

I will say this though, as far as whale watching goes, you can't beat Capt. Larry in Juneau.