Skagway, AK and Victoria, B.C.....



#21 are so right about gaining a lot of information from these boards, and it can be over Anything! These boards are like encyclopedia's but better!!! And I really appreciate everyones help.

My friend is not well...he has bleeding in his brain and had a granmal (sp) seizure today. He's in the hospital for the night resting but should get to go home tomorrow if all goes well. I'll be surprised if we have him for another month.

Oh, on a brighter note...we recv'd our Seattle Mariners tickets in the mail yesterday...they are locked up with our passports, that's how important they are! Ha!

I hope you are having a good evening. Thanks for writing me back....I'll try to check in here some soon.


Hi there Corky - sorry I didn't get back sooner. How is your friend doing??? Its so wonderful that your friend has so many good friends to be able to count on during tough times. It so very good that you support your friend through thick and thin. Well it is good that you have a couple of good things to look forward to. I bet it is like Fort Knox where your tickets for the cruise and tickets for the Seattle Mariners are stored - huh??? I wish that I had something as good to look forward too. Ho hum - have to save some money before anything good can happen, like a trip north or wherever... If I ever get back up there I would like to visit the Carcross area again - just drive around and have a look see. Do write a description of your trip to Skagway and definitely, tell us if your travel to the Yukon. If you take any pictures - post some it would be good to see. Have a great day!