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Skagway - How much can you do there?

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by alyce, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. alyce

    alyce Guest

    Can you do the Yukon horseback tour and take the scenic railway if you're in port from 7 AM to 9 PM.
  2. Yukon

    Yukon Guest

    It seems very unlikely since the horse trip fills the middle of the day (10:30 - 4:30), with not enough room on either end for the train.
  3. z236936

    z236936 Guest

    When we went to Skagway, we were able to complete the early AM train ride on the White Pass Train & then did a Yukon Trail Hike, it was a 5 mile hike to end point, then rafted back down.

    It was great =coolsign

    http://www.skagwaynews.com This is great site for local info.

    If your into movie stars, they are filming a movie with Robin Williams there. :jester

    I enjoyed Skagway so much that I read the local paper every chance I get on line. The town has little more than 800 people. It was a great port of call.

    I hope you have a great trip, bring good binocluars....

    We were there last Sept. 2003 on the Star Princess.

    =lolgang =lolgang =lolgang =lolgang =lolgang

    Paul E. Ethier
  4. alyce

    alyce Guest

    Thanks, Paul, but maybe we'll just do the train and check out Skagway the rest of the time. Any favorites in Skagway that you love???
  5. l7thtee

    l7thtee Guest

    Thanks, Paul. What are your recommendations for "good binoculars"?
  6. Cheap ones that can see far..... And, I nmean just that....


    Kindness is Free

    I wish I was going it was such a wonderful trip...... Hey, I have bag's, Tux is cleaned, Now I have gloves, jacket etc. Bring me along in your luggage!!!

    Do you know how hard it is to find winter clothes for Alaska in August if you live in Tampa, Florida?

    If I can be of any help I will be glad to assist.

    :cuckoo about Alaska
  7. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    re: winter clothes in Tampa

    You really do not need winter clothes. Just layers of normal clothes. Jeans or slacks, maybe a few long sleeve shirts. Some type of rain jacket might be good though
  8. Now you tell me... =shrug

    After last years cruise, I have all of this left over so I plan to go back, don't want to waste ya know...


    =cuckoo :FL
  9. mlaihome

    mlaihome Guest

    Last cruise we were in with the Star Princess, we took the 8 hours bus ride into Yukon, and the driver dropped us off the downtown (just one main street) and we did our major shopping there. I found it to be cheaper to make purchases in Skagway than other ports. Also, we had taken a lot of pictures in the downtown area. There is no need to a cab or bus ride, as it is very close to the terminal.
  10. 51810ss

    51810ss Guest

    Do you recommend the 8 hour Yukon bus ride? Did you enjoy it? What did you see?

    Cause we are going there this Sept., 2004. Thank you
  11. lisalovlee33

    lisalovlee33 Guest

    sorry wrong post.
  12. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    If you're a beer drinker try the Alaskan Amber. Brewed in Juneu. Mighty tasty! Have some at the Red Onion Saloon, an old saloon (and former brothel) from the gold rush days right on the main drag in Skagway.

    Happy Cruising,

  13. Night rider

    Night rider Guest


    We took the Yukon horseback that left at 8am and had plenty of time to visit around Skagway when we returned. I know Southeast has done up to 3 tours a day if there is a demand.

    The tour was great as we stopped and glassed for wildlife and spotted wild sheep on the mountain. The guides were helpful and shared some fun time in the cookhouse at the end of the tour.
    Emeald lake is out of this world and shouldn't be missed.

    Our friends rented a car and drove to the camp and spent some time in Carcross on their return to Skagway.

    Good luck.

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