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Skagway wildlife excursions

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by love2vaca, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. love2vaca

    love2vaca Active Member

    Hi everyone!

    I am trying to decide between one of two excursions out of Skagway...
    We are travelling with Princess, June into July. Skagway on the 2nd. Interested in two options, they both ferry to Haines.
    The first is an Eagle preserve River Adventure. Jet boat upriver for wildlife viewing. The videos are amazing but of course are showing the best examples of bears and moose at or in the river and eagles fishing RIGHT THERE! Obviously not guaranteed.

    The second, Alaks Wildlife Park. Get to Haines where to motorcoach to Kroschel's Wildlife Park.
    Thier website states that they are not a zoo but preserve. quotes from their site;

    Tours: Feature opportunities for up-close and personal experiences with over 15 species of Alaskan Wildlife!
    Some species include grizzly bear, wolf, moose, lynx, fox, reindeer, porcupine, snowy owl, wolverine and more!

    Photography: Guided tours offer unparalleled opportunities to photograph animals in their natural environments. There is easy walking on our 600 yards of groomed trail, perfect for young and old alike!

    They have more species to see but I have photopraphed bears and cats behind fences before... Is this place really that much more intimate that I can get shots unlike that at Toronto or San Diego Zoo etc.

    Or is it worth taking a chance on the first trip to see the wildlife in their actual environment?

    Thanks so much!
  2. bob

    bob Chief Engineer Staff Member

    If you want a picture of you and a Grizzly with his arm around you go for it...........
    Actually have found wildlife in its natural environment a little south, as in Ketchikan and Juneau, the tours don't get you up close and personal (not a bad idea) but have experienced that free range wildlife is more available in those areas........
    Of course, this does not include the occasional Moose walking through town, they do that everywhere.
  3. Krazy Kruizers

    Krazy Kruizers Holland America Specialist

    We were in Haines several years ago and did the motorcoach tour to see wildlife. Didn't see much.
  4. zydecocruiser

    zydecocruiser Well-Known Member

    Here are lots of pictures from the eagle preserve jet boat tour. We were too early (maybe a month before your trip) for lots of eagles but saw some - think the fall is the best time for them. There was a moose, but I never managed to get a picture - the river was really shallow there and we had to keep moving, although we did double back once.

    Carnival Spirit - NB Alaska - May 27-Jun 3, 2009 - Skagway 2

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