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Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by Krazy Kruizers, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Skagway


    Had another wonderful time in Skagway. The first time we here in the 80's we actually got to dock here with one other ship. Then the next couple of times we were docked at Haines and had to use the ferries to get to Skagway. And both times the only way you could use the ferries was to book a ship's tour for Skagway (two different cruise lines) which after the tour was completed we had to immediately get the ferry back to Haines giving us no time to roam around Skagway.:(

    But this was a lot different this time :clapping:. The Statendam was there from 8 AM until 9 PM!!!!

    We had done the White Pass Summit Scenic Railway in the past and chose to it again. As usual it was fabulous. The scenery is just fantastic. We were fortunate not to have anyone sitting across the aisle from us so when it came to flip the seats and the people sitting on one side got to move to the other side we were able to keep our same seats. There were a few others on our coach who were just as lucky as we were. I highly recommend this tour.

    We were amazed at how much this town has changed over the years. There are a LOT MORE jewelry shops than in the 80's. Even Diamond International is there! The nice lobby's of the 2 old hotels have been changed over to shops. Gone are the quaint little old yellow touring cars that held about 6 or 8 people that you could take tours around town in or go out to the cemetery. They have been replaced by new large touring cars that appear to hold about 20 or so people - we didn't tour in one.

    We did go to the Fish Company and had a wonderful Salmon lunch after our train tour (as if we aren't getting enough salmon on the ship) . I don't remember this restaurant being here in the 80's.

    Afterwards we just had to stop by the Red Onion Saloon for a drink. That place hasn't really changed - the only thing is they didn't have any peanuts where we could throw the empty shells on the floor - ah for the good old days. One thing was for certain - the place was mobbed!!
  2. ramanora

    ramanora Guest

    Ketchikan, Skagway, Icy Strait shore excursions

    Looking for recommended shore excursions for Ketchikan, Skagway and Icy Strait. I'm traveling with my adventurous family, including two children aged 11 and 14. Ideally we'd like to get off the beaten path and book separately from the cruise line.
  3. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    We seldom do tours so can't really help you out much. BUT if you are adventurous as you say you are in Icy Point do the zip line. Bus up to the top of a mountain and then zip down almost into the camp. Wow. They were so far away that you could only see tiny specs when the people started off.....they got bigger as they got closer and it looked kinda cool..even for this old guy. :)

    ps. Take some time to walk through the old fishing cannery there it's got some tales to tell.
  4. booboo4031

    booboo4031 Guest

    We were in Skagway a few years back and are going back this year. The white mountain pass railroad is beautiful but I do not recommend doing the round trip. That was one mistake we made. I found it rather boring coming back down because, let's face it the scenery didn't change on the way down ::eek: You can book that on your own and can walk right to the station from the pier. My bf has not been to Skagway so we are doing the bus to the Yukon and the white mountain pass down. I did not book with the ship but rather with a local company. We are going in September on the Carnival Spirit.

    We also went to Ketchikan on the last trip. We did Totem Bite State park. It was OK but it was very long. After listening to the extensive history of 3-4 totems, I had had quite enough. I don't think I would do that one again. We are considering just doing the duck tour or the high speed ferry to Misty Fjords.

  5. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Just an other word or two on the RR. Did the return. YOu sit on one side going up and the seats roll over and sit on the other side going down. We did right side up(inside) and then switched going down.(outside) I thought the trip was outstanding. (Both ways) :)

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