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skip formal night?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by suemare3333, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. suemare3333

    suemare3333 Guest

    Hello everyone,
    Are the meals served on formal night extra special? The idea of packing formal wear isn't sitting well with my group. Will we really miss out on a lot if we skip the formal dinner?
    How is the buffet food? What kind of food do they offer for informal diners?
    Thanks so much!
  2. Helen233

    Helen233 Guest

    sure go ahead and skip the formal, just know you will be giving up Lobster tail and filet mignon. no the buffet food cannot match this.
  3. DanielR2004

    DanielR2004 Guest

    The food on formal night is wonderful! But, the buffet food is good too! Just relay the message to your group that you're going to be missing out on 5 star dining. I'm traveling with an unruley group too, I know how that can be.

  4. VictoriaJ

    VictoriaJ Guest

    personally, I saw sport jackets & pretty cotten dresses on formal night..Yes, their were glitz & glitter & gowns & suits but.......their were other not as fancy dresserd also.....I think you can put on a pretty little dress & have the men bring one jacket.......
  5. MandyBear

    MandyBear Guest


    I was surprised how informal a lot of diners were on formal night! You can easily get away with a lightweight cotton dress for women and a jacket for men.

    But, honestly, it isnt a big loss to not go. I enjoyed getting dressed up. But I totally understand why some people skip it! :) We noticed a lot of empty tables on Formal night.

  6. dusty

    dusty Guest

    on the carnival spirit the food at the buffett on the lido deck was wonderful. but i would not miss formal night for the lobster and just too see every one dressed up in their formal wear. i am going to buy a very simple black dress for my next formal nights in may. target has a very nice one that wont wrinkle for about $30. each night i will dress it up with different costume jewlery and a shawl or scarf. there is no reason to break the bank to be dressed up enough for formal night. you will see all kinds of different outfits from very fancy to a nice sunday dress. have fun whatever you decide.
  7. NewNCrusin

    NewNCrusin Guest

    AS for the food, go to the formal night. I honestly belive the food is worth it. There were people dressed at all levels-- even within my family -- and no one cares what you wear. Everyone, especially teh staff, is much more concerned about if you are enjoying yourself. You can't miss the lobster tail, it was incredible!!

    We enjoyed dressing up but seriously DON'T let it keep you from going if you are not into it. WE got our dresses at consignment and close-out stores adn spent very little. So dress as you please and enjoy the food!
  8. kdlisa1469

    kdlisa1469 Guest

    Formal night is o.k. What I absolutely will not miss again is The Point Restaurant. 5 stars.
  9. tjevans

    tjevans Guest

    Hmmm . . . filet mignon. Guessed I missed it on the Conquest. Wish I hadn't. I'm allergic to seafood, so I couldn't have the lobster. I had the prime rib, in which I was severely disappointed.

    Quite honestly, I'd rather have pizza any night than steak, prime rib, etc., so to me, the food isn't worth getting dressed up for. We skipped one of the formal nights (because we were too tired to get dressed up after our excursions).

    Post Edited (07-16-04 09:06)
  10. cherbat

    cherbat Guest

    We skipped both formal nights. Just didn't feel like bringing the extra clothes. We just don't feel like getting dressed up on vacation. To be honest, we didn't miss it at all. We ate at the buffet and it was great because there was hardly anyone there. In fact, we noticed some families coming up to the buffet after going to the formal dinner because their kids didn't like the food in the dining room. So, they wound up getting all dressed up and going to the buffet anyway.

  11. NewNCrusin

    NewNCrusin Guest

    To each his own. For us, the difference in the food was well worth getting dressed up. For some its not. Choose what works the best for you.
  12. mardaho

    mardaho Guest

    formal night doesn't have to be a ball gown and tuxedo
    bring a nice skirt and top and hubby can get away with khaki's
    and polo shirt or dress shirt with a tie
    you won't feel out of place
    some are dressed to the nines and other are dressed comfy
    you can looked dressed up without all the hassle

    dinners are one of the best things on the cruise
    I like to be waited on for a change
  13. suemare3333

    suemare3333 Guest

    Formal night looks like it may be too good to pass up. We'll pack formal wear and enjoy the wonderful food! This is such a wonderful site, I really appreciate your help.
    Thank you all so much!
  14. NewNCrusin

    NewNCrusin Guest

    I think you are making a great choice! :) Enjoy and order as many entrees on the menu that night as you wish! :)
  15. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    Actually, we skipped many nights in the Dining Room. Something did not seem to work well. Maybe it was our seat, maybe the trying way to hard waiter, or the hustle that seemed to take place, but we were not enjoying ourselves at the main dining room.

    We do like a nice sit down dinner and did the supper club one night and it was worth it. But, the dining room did not click right and we did the buffet for most meals.
  16. dewhit6959

    dewhit6959 Guest

    Dear Mardaho;

    Please tell me where khaki's and knit shirts are even considered when the invitation is for a formal occasion? The formal dress code is to allow you to indulge in fantasy, a glorious evening of manners and grace, to see and be seen, compliment each other and companions and give reinforcement to the idea that we are a civil and mannerly society, rejoicing in life and rising for a evening in elegance in an imperfect world, if only for one evening. This idea has nothing to do with class distinction, but everything to do with class. I for one , am tired of pussyfooting around when asked what is expected for a formal evening, for fear of someone getting their feelings hurt because they want to bend the old ways because they are old. Next Halloween, send your children up the street in their bathing suits. They will not fit in with an old tradition.
    Refuse to wear the cap and gown at graduations, go to the functions of your community, your church, the weddings and funerals of your family and friends with the hell bent intention of being different in appearance so you may lay claim to nonconformity and to the expectations of those around you. I never had opportunity to wear formal clothing as a child or a young single man or with children, but welcome the chance to do so now, for one evening and be a stroke in a beautiful picture.
  17. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    Well said Mardaho!

    If you go to formal night, dress appropriate.
    If you think the dress up part is silly, then eat elsewhere.
  18. NewNCrusin

    NewNCrusin Guest

    Why in the world do you care what your neighbor wears to formal night? It's vacation.. do what you wish and stop being so darn judgemental on the person next to you. I don't care of if the person at the next table was wearing nothing it wouldn't take away from my dining experience. I hate it when simple questions involving formal dining get ugly.
  19. dusty

    dusty Guest

    im sorry dear but setting next to someone on formal night who was wearing '' nothing'' would be ugly as far as i am concerned.

    but i agree with you that it is easy to forget what your table mates were wearing after a few days. now that i have cruised once i know that i can wear something nice without breaking the bank and or being uncomfortable and i will fit right in.
  20. NewNCrusin

    NewNCrusin Guest

    Wearing nothing was obviously being fastious but I just get tired of people being so judgemental. We went all the way-- dressed in beautiful formal dresses that we loved shopping for and wearing. IT made us feel great and was special for my entire family. But it just didn't matter what the rest were wearing. People get so caught up in "what everyone else is doing" and forget to worry about their own fun. :)

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