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skip formal night?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by suemare3333, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. dusty

    dusty Guest


    of course i did not think you really meant it. i should have added a tee-hee to my reply.

    i totally agree with your reply. i say be comfortable and be happy and only worry about what is fun for you.
  2. imlulu

    imlulu Guest

    Hmmm..good question. I pack for 4 and we have done formal night. The idea of lugging formal clothes is not my idea of fun. My dh wears a suit and I just wear short cocktail dress. My boys wear blue blazers and khaki pants. They look so adorable...ahhh...Maybe I do need more pictures...ok I can lug the extra garment bag!!!!!;-)
  3. dewhit6959

    dewhit6959 Guest

    Why ask the question if you know the answer.

    Someone has made an inquiry into what to wear on formal evening. The answer has been given. The hosts have made it clear that it is a formal evening.
    The invitation was made to a formal function. It is listed as a formal function. What part of formal is so misunderstood? If you were not concerned about what to wear on a formal ocassion, why would you ask. Why would someone attack someone who advises upon the meaning of formal? If you are told what formal entails and it does not fit in with your expectations, make different plans. If you know what formal is and choose to participate at your own lesser interpretation, then you are stubborn and should rightfully be viewed as such.
  4. nimbex

    nimbex Guest

    Although the filet and lobster were a HUGE hit with my group 10-78 yrs. old. "formal" night for dinning was the same EXCELLENT main dinning room experience with the glamorous addition of fancy clothes. If this is not your cup of tea... skip it!!.

    On those two nights, after dinning you'll see a wide range of people on the promanade wearing everything from casual to formal at the shows, casino and lounges. you won't feel out of place wearing a simple evening outfit once dinner is over, you've eaten at the buffet and you're milling around with everyone.

    These two nights are the most popular for pictures, so certain decks are more crowded in spots for photo ops.

    This is your cruise, and if formal wear does not add the the experience of your vacation, then skip it and the formal dinner. As some have mentioned, be aware that for the DINNING room, formal wear is highly recommended in the main dinning area.

    Personally, I dress to the nines... but have seen people later in the evening, previousy dressed formally change into "comfy clothes". Do what you feel comfortable with (don't buy a dress or suit for one night out of your life) if it's not your thing.

    As you can gather, and even search some threads for "formal night" some people feel very strongly about proper attire being worn.

    Just know, you'll have the greatest time if you set out to!!!!!

    ps. overheard a family say in an elevator that they skipped the dinning room the whole cruise and never missed it,..... (what a huge shame)...don't feel intimidated by it!!!!! It is simply excellent restaurant service in a large room, the staff will NEVER make you feel intimidated or inferior... you should definately give the dinning room a try.
  5. Dan40

    Dan40 Guest

    When you tell someone to be less judgemental, YOU are being judgemental.
    But before you defend yourself, its OK. None of us can help being judgemental about everything and everybody in every way, all day every day. Its called "being human."
    When people agree with us they are being just as judgemental as we are, but we don't notice because they agree [making them very smart]. Ahhh but when someone disagrees with us---THEY ARE JUDGEMENTAL. Cracks me up.
    I wear a tux on formal nights in line with the REQUIRED DRESS CODE which does not include slacks and a knit shirt or even slacks with a shirt and tie.
    When I see someone dressed down on formal nites, I judge them to be ignorant, disrespectful slobs and then dismiss them from my mind. Doesn't make me a snob or a bad person, just human.

    To answer the OQ. My judgemental opinion is that the food AND ambiance of formal nite is worth the effort.
  6. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    I'm glad to see someone else pick up the staff of the formal wear fight. I too, am sick of people just proclaiming that anything is OK, simply because they can't be bothered to follow the rules.

    When you choose to break the rules, you have no right to expect people to say that it's OK. If you don't like people thinking you're dressed inappropriately, then dress properly.

    When you choose not to follow the rules, it does not mean the rules have changed, It means you are breaking the rules. Don't expect the people who value and follow those rules, to say that it is OK, just so you can feel better about taking a special and rare event, and devaluing it into something ordinary for everyone involved.

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  7. mardaho

    mardaho Guest

    another can of worms is opened

    maybe I'm no the "snooty type"
    but someone to me looks just as nice in khakis and a polo
    versus someone in a big foo foo dress that they can barely bend in

    only once did I even notice how someone was dressed in the DR
    and that was because she nor her daughter were wearing shoes

    but if someone is going to skip part of THEIR vacation because they don't want to wear
    a formal gown or tux....that is just idiotic....

    I don't go dressed like a slob but formal to me is a nice skirt and top

    I dodn't realize everyone was looking at me

    duh I need to pay more attention

    oh that's right I don't give a #!*&
    I'm on a vacation
  8. VictoriaJ

    VictoriaJ Guest

    MAN OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    This thread is like my post several weeks ago...One question that someone dosen't like and POW! Rather than a simple answer, your turned into chop meat!!

    I would like to comment.........I wanted to dress up...I spent way too much money buying a new suit for my son, new dress, shoes not to mention other stuff.. You can still look dressed up without going over the top......If there were "RULES" to formal night, they would tell you like they do regarding no shorts in the diningroom after 5pm...They would say, FOO FOO Dresses only.. Or men must wear black tie.

    A sport jacket & a pretty sun dress or nice pants and a blouse is fine..You are sitting for dinner then you leave after.. Your not mingling around for hours..In fact your lucky if you get
    1 1/2 hrs out of your "FORMAL" dinner.

    If it's fantacy night your looking for as someone posted, I think Carnival is not the cruise line for you.. As stated, I did get dressed for our two formal nights because I liked it but was not offended but others who were less formal...Besides it's hard to be that formal with all the little kids in the dining room....It does take away from the "Fantacy" Eh?
  9. dusty

    dusty Guest


    im glad you will dismiss this ignorant, disrespectful slob from your mind . i sure wouldnt want to be in there too long.
  10. tw1nk1es

    tw1nk1es Guest

    A couple of weeks ago, I sat across from a 76 years old gentleman on formal night. He was wearing brown slacks, a polo shirt, a beige sport coat (1960's version) and a tie because his wife told him he had to wear the tie. He wasn't fashionable or formal but he was the most charming and interesting person at the table and it was a better evening because he was there. WE were dressed to the nines and no one gave a hoot.
  11. dusty

    dusty Guest

    you are right twinkles

    it is the person themselfs that make the evening a enjoyable event, not what they are wearing.
  12. mardaho

    mardaho Guest

    you hit the nail their dusty

    way to go

    last time I look at this subject

    it's closed for me!!!
  13. Dan40

    Dan40 Guest

    Your self assessment sounds accurate to me. You would be there less than a nanosecond [if that]
  14. luv2cruise99

    luv2cruise99 Guest

    Several cruises ago I stopped worrying about dressing for formal night. As someone who both hates to dress up and hates to shop, I found formal nights to cause nothing but stress starting months before my cruise (what should I wear, will my dress be pretty enough, formal enough, sparkly enough, what shoes should I get, will the clothes still fit when the cruise arrives, how do I pack it without wrinkling, etc.)

    Now, I just put on a pair of black slacks and a pretty blouse and enjoy myself without the stress. The range of "formal" attire on the ship varies considerably, so I always see enough people dressed like me so as not to feel out of place. You're see everything from business casual (like me) to long evening gowns and tuxes.

    Don't miss out on a nice meal in the dining room because you don't want to dress to the nines. As long as you are dressed "nice", nobody will give you a second glance. Clothing issues always seem to be a much bigger deal on these boards then they are on the ship.
  15. NewNCrusin

    NewNCrusin Guest

  16. dusty

    dusty Guest

    i too am here for the last time also.
  17. dmdiver

    dmdiver Guest

    hey, don't worry about what others are wearing. if you are dressed to the nines, you will feel great about yourself. if you are in a plain dress or slacks & shirt, you will be comfortable. you are not what you wear. it's what's inside that counts. by the way, people are as welcome in jeans in our church as those in suits. it's not the condition of your clothes, but the condition of your heart.
  18. Dan40

    Dan40 Guest

    My last words on this sub. also.
    We couldn't care less what anyone wears on the ship or where or when they wear it. With the single exception of the dining room.

    Carnival has a website and brochures which state what the dining room dress will be for both formal and less formal evening meals. Weather a person has visited the website and/or read the brochures, or not, by purchasing their cruise they have contractually agreed to those conditions. IN OTHER WORDS, GIVEN THEIR WORD, TO DRESS ACCORDING TO THE DRESS CODE..

    So if someone is at the late show, wearing shorts,[it could be me] I don't care or even notice. [eyecandy ladies are exceptions to the not noticing]

    I/we also don't notice/care what someone wears to the dinoing room on "Resort Casual" or any other non-formal nites.
    But on "FORMAL NIGHTS" EVERYONE HAS AGREED TO DRESS APPROPRIATELY, BY BUYING THEIR TICKET. If they then dress down for a formal nite dinner, they have gone back on their own word. Showing no respect for themselves or their fellow pax. And they do detract from the overall ambiance of the dining room.

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