Sky review, Oct 29 repositioning cruise


Michael Hurley


This was my 11th cruise, and 3rd on NCL. It's been awhile since I was "wowed", but the Sky managed to do it.

I'll try to keep this short, and hit on the things that I liked/disliked... but please forgive me if I ramble on.

The ship itself had just returned from drydock in Mobile for a week, and arrived with new paint, carpets and polish. We got to enjoy this for 5 nights from Miami to San Juan. Cabins are on the small size, but I only really noticed the difference looking at the cabin-door and hallway. NCL squeezed room in the hallway to make a narrower cabin, and when the closet or bathroom doors are fully opened, there is only about 1 inch of clearance on the opposing wall.

The bathroom left me puzzled, as it is a 1-piece ROUND plastic insert sitting inside a rectangular area. It seems like a waste of space, and the shower was definitely on the smallish size. (again, due to being rounded). Storage space in the bathroom was good, with a total of 6 shelves and the vanity area.

Closet space on the Sky is skimpy, and there are only 4 drawers total in the closet. There is a shelf above the closet, but it is very high off the ground and shallow, so only shoes, or items seldom used should go there. This would be a tight squeeze if you really packed alot for a 7-night cruise,,, otherwise you're going to be living out of your suitcase for awhile.

I requested the foam mattress to go across the bed when it was made into a queen-size... otherwise you are faced with the dreaded crack in the middle where the two singles are pushed together. The reviews I read about the dreaded cabin reading lights over the bed are true: they get in the way!!! Cabin service was efficient, and that's all that I can ask for. I don't need funky towel designs on the bed at night, just a clean room and towels... so I was very pleased.

Public rooms are well laid out with the exception of the aft dining room (Seven Seas). You have to go up one deck to cross over the galley; and then back down to enter the dining room. It's a shame, because the views are much nicer than the mid-ship dining room (Four Seasons). This room is smaller, and claustrophobic because of the low ceilings, with no raised area in the middle of the room.

I did not eat in the alternative rooms, as I was very happy with the food/service provided in the normal dining rooms. (yes Virginia, they DO serve lobster for free in the normal dining areas!) The cafes were okay. I don't get enthused about buffet lines here at home, so I don't get that way on a cruise ship.

Freestyle dining was okay for me to a point. I like being able to dine when I want, and eat with those whom I choose. My modification to this setup was always asking for the same waiter/busboy. I had the best of both worlds this way... and never had to repeat my drink/dining preferences.

Classy gym and workout area, not some cheesy treadmill in a corner. There were plenty of activities to stay busy during the day, both fitness and mentally related. The passenger participation was higher than my cruise last month on Carnival; as there was more to do than just the cheesy pool games, etc.

Embarkation was okay, but disembarkation was even better... no mad rush to "hurry up" and wait to get off the ship. We stayed on until after 1030am, and leisurely walked off. No hassles from the cabin steward, he just made up the room as best he could, and returned after we had left to finish the job.

I would recommend the Sky to just about anyone, kids or not... as there was plenty to do, and a very willing staff to please. You already have a beautiful ship, and NCL is usually very competitve pricewise, so you would be hard pressed to find a better value.


Thank you for this overview. We will be going on the Norwegian Sky on Nov. 24th and are really excited about it. I am gald to hear that you had such a good time.

Only 16 days to go!