Smartcruiser VS Cruisevacationoutlet



Dear you guys,

As your suggestion and I went to visit

Do u know Smartcruiser and Cruisevacationoutlet?

Which one is the best company? Is it reliable comepany?

Please let me know so that I can make a booking.

Best regards,


You are going to give yourself a stroke if you keep second guessing yourself about booking this cruise. The difference you will save is not worth the effort you are putting into this. Just take it easy and go with the flow.


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I used Cruise Vac. Outlet a couple times, then I felt I was not getting the best deals,and I looked elsewhere and found Elona Gershberg at Vacations To Go 1-800-338-4962 ext 7799 and have used them 5 times and they are the best in my opinion. Hope you find what you need.. Dean and Sally
CC is a nice way to get some idea of pricing. What you'll find is that most of them are right in line with one another, but try to sweeten with some specials.
I have a VTG account, a Carnival PVP, and someone from CC whom I use to book, depending on who offers the best all around deal.
I will tell you that I got one quote which was a couple of hundred lower than the others on 'compete' who had a California address, a Florida phone number, and couldn't get them to answer the phone or return calls. After trying to contact them, I got some last minute messages from them, that unless they got credit card info via email, that the price would jump. I felt like they were bait and switching on this. I did not book with them, glad I did not! Caveat Emptor with this one firm, for sure.