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"Smoking" question on Century



I've searched the message boards for the answer to my "smoking" question, but much of the information I've found has been contradictory.

SO,I'm hoping some of you might have been RECENT passengers on the Century with the correct answer!

We are wondering which side of the ship, port (left) or starboard (right) is designated as the "smoking" side for the public areas.

The Celebrity brochure says it is the starboard side, but most of the messages here say that the port side is the smoking side.

If you've been on the CENTURY recently, we'd appreciate your input!

Thanks, in advance!! :)



All Celebrity ships are port side smoking. I have to admit on the Galaxy sailing we were just on, most smokers were observant of the protocal. On Century last October, that wasn't the case, but I'm hoping for better on our Century sailing coming up 10/25/03.



On public decks, the port (left) is smoking. Exceptions are the main dining room, the buffet and the theater. The other exection is the Casion and Michael's Club which are all smoking.