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Smuggling alcohol

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Zzannah, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Zzannah

    Zzannah Guest

    Does anyone know NCL's policy on bringing alcohol on board?? Will I have to hide it? What's the best way?
  2. superflyjeff

    superflyjeff Guest

    I went on NCL about 5 years ago and carried on liquor no problem. I would def call them and find out their policy...
  3. cruisequeen

    cruisequeen Guest

    No you can't bring it on any more - at least last time my friends took NCL. But smuggle away.
  4. Skysmama

    Skysmama Guest

    If it's in you're carry-on, they confiscate it and give it back to on the last night of the cruise.
  5. superflyjeff

    superflyjeff Guest

    Do they scan/xray your carry on bags now? So what's the option if you want to bring some liquor on the boat? Is it even possible? Now I'm wondering....we are going on March 27th on the wind and I thought you could still bring it on board!

  6. t-bird.tim

    t-bird.tim Guest

    We smuggled it in our checked luggage wraped in bubble wrap, it wasn't a problem and the room stewards don't care. This was on the Sun in December. Have a great cruise.
  7. Skysmama

    Skysmama Guest

    They do scan/x-ray your carry on before you board. We were on the Wind in Jan '04. I say try it in your checked luggage - if you get away with it great! If not, you still get it back in the end. Good luck!
  8. superflyjeff

    superflyjeff Guest

    Does the bubble wrap keep the xray machine from getting a good scan of the bottle?
  9. I don't think the bubble wrap keeps from seeing with good X Ray equiptment. At least I certainly hope not. We have heard all kinds of stories about conviscating the booze, but we were just lucky I guess. Our last NCL cruise (about a year ago) we did several things and were ok. We did have a 1.5 liter bottle of wine in our shipped luggage. No one said a word. With us we did 2 things. !-I got hubby, for Christmas a pair of bonoculars(spelling) but they weren't real; they were a flask. Each side holds 8 oz of booze. He had all the scotch he needed around his neck. I had a 6 or 8 bottle case of water, but 2 of the bottles contained Vodka. I think it's the flaunting or the bringing on of enough booze to supply the nearest bar that creates the problem. The worst that can happen, they will keep it for you until the last night. You may be a little embarrassed, but it kinda reminded us of some of the things we did in high school 50 years ago. Shame on us old people!

  10. superflyjeff

    superflyjeff Guest

    I dont want to seem cheap and it's really not even about the money. I'd just like to have a drink or a glass of wine while my wife is getting ready for dinner. I highly doubt that I would even drink the stuff in our room during the day. We're either going scuba diving (and so I'm def not drinking then) or I'm sitting up on the pool deck ordering lovely drinks with umbrellas in them! As I said...it would just be nice to enjoy a drink before dinner. I think I'll try to stash some vodka in a few water bottles but that's it....aside from a little wine ;-)

  11. Gav83

    Gav83 Guest

    Which method would you recommend?? I was thinking of taking a big poland spring bottle in my carryon...with vodka in it. Or should I put the poland spring bottle in my luggage??
  12. superflyjeff

    superflyjeff Guest

    i've heard many many people say that one of the best things to do is bring a bunch of water bottles and just put the vodka or other clear liquor in a few of them. i will warn you that you probably don't need as much alcohol as you'd think. that is unless you plan to spend your entire cruise in your room! if you bring a few little water bottles you'll probably be fine. that's what i'm gonna do!
  13. superfly is about right. Use the water bottle and carry it on.

    Good luck,

  14. brianrouse

    brianrouse Guest

    Should you carry the bottles in hand? In carry-on? Or in checked baggage? I'm on the Norwegian Dawn late Feb....thanks
  15. We just carried on a 6 or 8 pack of water, but the 2 middle bottles were filled with Vodka.
    They will be so busy checking everyone in there is little chance anyone will question the contents. If you send it through they may pay closer attention to your suitcase and ask you to come and claim your luggage after opening it. Just our thought. Good luck and happy cruisin

  16. raider23

    raider23 Guest

    I carried on a bottle of champagne 2 years ago with no problem.
  17. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Can someone tell me what's the hype about booze? I'm not being sarcastic here, but I'd rather drink unsweetened CT SCAN contrast then that stuff. I don't know of too many people who say, WOW! this booze is delicious!! :lol With all this talk of smuggling, is it worth ruining a multi-thousand dollar vacation? (worse case scenario, I know)

    I'm just not understanding this is all. =huh
  18. cpayne

    cpayne Guest

    We've cruised 8 times and never had a problem bringing alcohol on board. We usually bring a small amount on board and then pick up a little bit at each port. When you go to the stores at port do not let them put the bottles in the airport boxes. When you re-board the ship they will automatically take those from you and give them back the last day. Just have them put your purchase in a regular sack and walk back on board. They have always put our packages through the scanner and it's quite obvious what it is. No one has ever said a word.

  19. lisa21

    lisa21 Guest

  20. jennajack

    jennajack Guest

    We took clear liquor in water bottles, in our carry on bag. No problem. We took wine in our suitcases and they caught that. We simply claimed the bag, they took the wine and we decided to pay the corkage fee of $10 per bottle, which still ended up being cheaper than purchasing ship wine. There were LOTS of people in line to claim bags with alcohol. The ship people were very nice about it and didn't treat us like criminals or anything. I believe it is very common for people to bring alcohol without realizing it is a no no. Enjoy your cruise.....

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