Smuggling alcohol



NCL x-rays everthing & confiscates all alcohol whether in your carry on or checked luggage.

If you are going to bring alcohol you are going to have to hide it.


put whatever you want to take onboard in 1-litre water bottle in your carry-on--do the same on excursions--drink your water, fiill w/rum or whatever and take on for personal use--DO NOT pour it in front of any staff. sneak it nicely / it's very easy. be polite.
PS--don't take the "WATER" BOTTLE out of the fridge in the middle of the night and swig it...nuff said!!


We had water in our luggage, and had to go looking for the suitcase when it didn't arrive at our cabin. Everyone played dumb when asked where it could be. Finally sent my wife to the show lounge to claim it. Had a HUGE red sticker on it saying "liquor". Made my wife open the suitcase, proved that it wasn't booze. Never said "sorry" or anything. Just walked away and left her to drag the suitcase down steps to the elevator, and down to our cabin. Talked to other folks who HAD booze in their luggage and their stuff got through!. This was on the Crown, (4-25-04 through 5-02-04 Phila, PA to Bermuda)where they had people sick, power outages, diesel fumes, and soot all over everything on deck. (including the pool, hot tubs, and all the deck chairs) Staff very snooty. Freestyle cruising translates to "Do it our way or else". I'll go back to Holland can have Norwegian Cruise Lines. The Crown is 16 years old, and shakes like crazy in calm seas while steaming straight ahead! Never had that situation on ANY other cruise ship.