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Sneakers in dining room?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by littlebobdog, May 4, 2004.

  1. Cole617

    Cole617 Guest

    Some people take it to far. Be comfortable let the kids be comfortable. My son was 12 on our last cruise and he had to wear his fathers shoes (believe it or not his foot is 1/2 size bigger than his dads already). I said it once before....I made him dress on formal night and he was so unhappy and he doesn't even like the food. He is very very picky....strickly a plain meat and potatoes kid. So next time....he can eat in his shorts and t-shirt and sandals with the kids program. I refuse to make him uncomfortable again just to please someone. And just for the record...we are not from California we are from New Jersey on the east coast and we don't dress up a lot either. Just when its warranted.
  2. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    whoaaa there litlebobdog, everyone is on your side of the issue and one the them was just teasing. Have fun on your cruise!

  3. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Hats off to you coffeecups. Of course it's just a tease.
  4. CruisingDiva

    CruisingDiva Guest

    coffeecups I think littlebobdog was speaking to Swifty. You may have missed Swifty's comments.

    Swifty, believe it on not, some people while on vacation leave their pride and surely their class AT HOME! You have got to be lifeless to make it your business to notice what someone else is wearing while on a cruise with all of the activities there is to do on board. But it is your opinion, and you are entitled to it.

    If you didn't know this, Carnival is also for the working class cruisers. If you are looking for a cruiseline with lots of class and lots of pride, I can give you several lines. Mind you, these cruises cost anywhere from $6000 to $150,000 per person. On these lines you will never find anyone in sneakers. Enjoy.

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  5. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest


    You said it a thousand times better than I did. Thanks.

  6. CruisingDiva

    CruisingDiva Guest

    coffeecups, thank you. You know I really try not to comment on this message board for reasons such as this. You can't ask a simple question without someone trying to make you feel like a second class citizen.

    It really tickles me that so many highrollers go on the most inexpensive cruiselines (like Carnival for example) in the industry and then try to get all high society.

    It appears for some, there is no room for working class America or just plain old comfort in the world of cruising. It makes me really sad because so many first time cruisers read these boards and if you read some of the responses on these threads, it could scare you away from cruising. And in all honesty, cruising isn't like that at all

    My first cruise happened on my 25 birthday. I had the time of my life. I was upset because I hadn't discovered cruising much earlier. Everyone else on board was having a ball as well. No one had their noses in the air concerning themselves with what the Jone's was wearing. This, factored in with the cost and the awesome treatment, who could ask for anything more.

    You meet so many wonderful people while on board ship. This is why I'm addicted today. I have probably sold more Carnival cruises than Carnival because I tell everyone to cruise the funships. And they can wear whatever their money can buy or whatever makes THEM comfy.

    Sorry to vent on your message littlebobdog, but sometimes as human beings we simply cross the line. We can be so insensitive at times. HAPPY CRUISIN'!


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  7. littlebobdog

    littlebobdog Guest


    Thanks for coming to my defense. You are absolutely right. I asked a simple question, and I was made to feel like a second class citizen.

    I am not poor but even if I was, so what? I am a professional, my house is paid off, and I have a good sum of money sitting in the bank. I love to travel, I have been to Canada, Asia, Mexico and all over United States. I am going to take my first cruise, why I didn't do it earlier, I don't know. I just want to know the proper cruise etiquette so I won't offend anybody. Is that so bad?
  8. CruisingDiva

    CruisingDiva Guest

    You're quite welcome littlebobdog. I see you're up late... or should I say early like me. Can't sleep for some reason.

    I too am a professional with a nice nest egg put away. It's not so bad that you want the ends and outs of cruising. I really thought that was kinda what this board was for. So the first time cruiser and the experience cruiser could share and obtain all sorts of information.

    I didn't discover this board until this upcoming cruise for me in November. I wished I had discovered it for my first cruise. It's certainly would have saved me lots of money, energy and time. I'm 34 now and I have been on 16 cruises. I love this board and love reading the many posts. Lots of time someone will ask a question I never even thought of but certainly want to know the answer.

    Anyway, hang in there and have a glorious time on your cruise.


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  9. >>I just want to know the proper cruise etiquette so I won't offend anybody.<<


    In a perfect world no one would be offended but as this is not more than likely someone will take offense is something that you say or do.

    Who cares? (actually a statement, not a question)

    Sneakers are fine. A shirt and tie is fine. A collared shirt without the tie is fine.

    It may be selfish but when we cruise, we enjoy ourselves. We're there for us, not to make everyone elses trip a perfect little escape from reality.
    With all of the activities on a cruise it simply amazes me that people have time to sit around and worry about what others are wearing.........
    .....or if the carpet has stains......
    .....or if there are kids on board and so on.

    You're on a huge ship with 2000-3000 other people that you will never see again.

    Who cares what they think? Not me!

    It's a good thing to offend some of them. That will give them something to talk about when they return.
    While you are at your second class job talking about stumbling back to the ship from Carlos & Charlies, they can be at the country club luncheon b!@#$^&* about your kids sneakers and explaining to the other why they are on a Carnival cruise in the first place.

    Personally, I have no problem being called a second/working class citizen.

    Beer over whine.........anytime! :)
  10. ozzy

    ozzy Guest

    Keep the sneakers, lose the tie, nice Polo style shirt and khakis should do it.
  11. Cole617

    Cole617 Guest

    I know there is someone JUST dying to respond that "US" non tie wearing American people are SLOBS lmaooooooooo BUT I won't say who......I have had someone on here tell me that my son was not brought up right because I would not force him to wear a tie......give me a break. That person has way to much time on her or his hands......I rather be me and having fun in whatever we are wearing than worry about who is "underdressed"
  12. >>I rather be me and having fun in whatever we are wearing than worry about who is "underdressed"<<

    Yup, exactly!
  13. CruisingDiva

    CruisingDiva Guest

    Jeff & Susana, no truer words have ever been spoken. And I really love the 'Beer over whine' quote.

    Cole617, I remember that thread where someone made that comment to you. It made me so angry that I had to pull away because I can type 100 words per minute and I would have type my true feelings before I realized what I said. lol

    Happy Mother's Day all Moms
  14. Cole617

    Cole617 Guest

    LMAO Diva and Happy Mothers day to u as well.
  15. MoJo2Rusty

    MoJo2Rusty Guest

    I have only been on one cruise and I don't have children. I chose to dress formal on the 2 formal nights and wore dresses or nice slack outfits the other evenings. What I saw of the kids that were in the dining room was that they were all dress nice. Now I don't mean dressy but clean, what my mom would have called "non play cloths". I couldn't tell you what they had on their feet. LOL! I do remember seeing a couple little boys in suits on formal night, but I believe most were in kaki type pants and shirt.
    What really ticked me the most was on the formal nights expecially to see adult men in tee shirts. Yes there were some. Guess I feel like if they are posted as formal, they want you to dress up. At least put on a pair of nice slacks, a sport shirt and tie. (Again this is for the adults, not kids) They know ahead of time that there are certain meal sat aside to dress up. I never get the chance to dress up for dinner or anything else so I really enjoy it.

    If you decide you want the boys to wear something besides sneakers, you can alway check out places like Shoe Carnival or Payless Shoes, if you have those stores where you are. They are always haveing 2 for one sales or buy one and get one half off. And thier shoe prices are very reasonable. I mean can buy shoes for $10 to $12 so I would think kids would be less. That is where I bought my dress shoes for the last cruise. And will probably do it again for the next one, DEC 05, 04 Carnival Conquest.

    The important thing is that you all have fun. People are more apt to notice nice well behaved children than thay are to notice what they are wearing.

    Have a wonderful cruise with you boys.
  16. steph_texas

    steph_texas Guest

    OK, hold your horses.... believe it or not... my hubby wore sneakers many nights on our cruise... he did wear dockers & nice shirts... but we wanted to pack as few shoes as possible... as it was that was 5 pairs each. (HE DID WEAR DRESS SHOES ON FORMAL NIGHT, THEY JUST DIDNT LOOK RIGHT WITH THE DOCKERS... wrong color, etc ) NO ONE CARED ! They were either busy eating, participating in the dinner activites (parades, etc) or just enjoying themselves.

    Carnival may be the inexpensive line of the bunch, but it is still a nice trip... just because people go with Carnival doesnt mean they have no class... maybe it means we are a little more conservative ! Why spend 4 times as much on another liner when the experience is practically the same ? I think Carnival did / does a wonderful job !
  17. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    I agree that you should wear whatever makes you comfortable.....
    this isn';t directed at anyone in particular, but I've noticed a trend around here.If someone posts a question like this one asking for peoples OPINIONS, and ten people agree and the eleventh one disagrees, everyone jumps all over the one who disagrees.Aren't we all entitled to our own opinion? I'm not saying its ok for someone to be snotty or put other people down, because its not. However, that door swings both ways.
  18. CruisingDiva

    CruisingDiva Guest

    beccabt, I certainly agree everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. As a matter of fact, I said so in an earlier post. What I deemed offensive (this is for ME), is why can't you have an opinion without attacking a persons statue and their ability to have 'class and pride' or lack there of.

    If one feels children should not wear sneakers in the dining room, then fine. Feel free to say so. But why carry that to far (IN MY OPINION) and insult one's character, up-bringing, personality, or whatever.

    I have seen many threads were the topic of conversation was sneakers, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, to dine or not to dine, and so forth. People expressed their opinions without being rude (again, in my opinion) and their opinion was heard. You don't have to attack another person to state your opinion. We're talking apples and oranges here. Opinions verses rudeness, two totally different things. That "class/pride" comment wasn't necessary, really.

    To me, having "Class" is not to insult your fellow man. I told my 13 year old daughter that at the end of the day, make sure no ones feelings are hurt because of YOUR actions.

    Steph, Carnival was the very first cruiseline to recognize the work horse of America and lower their prices without lowering their service. Cruises use to cost in the thousands per person at one time. Carnival made cruising affordable and the experience enjoyable and memorable. They became the leaders in industry and made billions by accomplishing this task. I am a huge Carnival fan as I stated earlier. I don't believe anyone here was taking away the splender of Carnival Cruiselines.

    I cruise Carnival all the time and I have plenty of class. I think you mis-read the previous post and mis-understood the point being expressed on my part.

    If someone is wearing sneakers or whatever on your next cruise, then it's okay because you DON'T know their story. You don't know the reasons why. So move on, let it be and go about enjoying your cruise.

    Life is very fragile and most precious. I recently lost my 28 year old sister and my 24 year old nephew three weeks apart ( My nephew was my oldest sister's son). So I simply say "ENJOY" life and one another while we can. Stop being so darn mean to each other. It's going to be alright.

    Diva (just expressing my opinion)

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  19. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    Diva, I think we feel the same way........just a different way of expressing it is all.There is no subject anywhere on this board that should be important enough to belittle other people. I guess I was just thinking about people on both "sides" of any issue who can't stand to see anyone having a differing opinion from their own. I think you are a very insightful person and I enjoy reading your posts.
  20. steph_texas

    steph_texas Guest

    Diva -
    I dont think u got what I was saying... I LIKE the fact that Carnival is a little more laid back... I thinkif someone wants the true formalities... they should look @ Celebrity maybe or Cunard ! I thoroughly enjoyed going with Carnival & would probably do so again... I dont think you have to be a Rockefeller to have a good vacation.... I think some people pick different vacations for different reasons... like location, schedule, itinerary and yes of course budget ! Carnival offered all this & more for our family ! On my posted review I gave them a 4 out of 5 star rating... with some very specific issues as to why not a 5 star. I have NEVER tried to belittle anyone for their choices in life... everyone is different ! I just dont want someone to be hurt / upset because of something we couldve / shouldve done... that being said... if someone did something HORRIBLE to us... Id let em have it... lol....

    Life is what u make of it... we had a great time & anyone else with a good attitude will also...

    happy sails

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