Sneaking Alcohol- anyone busted?



Sure there are many threads on this topic, but any other hints? I'm looking for things that didn't work. Thinking of brining 4 bottles of water filled with rum and vodka and then a bottle of club soda in packed bags. do they check these? Do room stewards care if you keep this stuff in your room?


There should be no problem.

My last cruise I packed a gallon of vodka in four plastic power aid bottles, then put each one in a zip lock bag for safety. I packed this in my checked luggage.

Every morning I would order 12 orange juices from room service and mix up screwdrivers in a quart size insulated jug that I also brought along. I then carried my jug everywhere I went. I had no problems with this

Hope this helps


studman, You just gave me a great laugh this morning!!:)
I hope it was the good vodka?! I want to do the same thing. Did your vodka have a plastic taste from the containers? I have heard both ways.



Never had the plastic taste on any thing I put in the bottles. But then again it wasnt in it very long either. LOL. But studman I am chuckling, I never thought of ordering 12 oj's from room service in the morning. I too bring a 1.5 liter mug with me for my drinks and carry it around. Thanks for the idea though. I can learn something new from this board just about everytime I come here


Yes it was good vodka and no I never had any plastic taste,
but as azbug said it doesn't stay in the plastic long and anyways after 2 or 3 stiff drinks who cares!!!

We were on the Princess Golden and they DO NOT charge for OJ from room service and thats how I got the idea. You might as well take advantage of what ever is included, these cruise line seem to be changing for everything these days to the point where we will have to pay for EVERYTHING seperate !!



All of your above statements were good ideas got to the part where you said you were taking the alcohol out of your cabin and drinking it in public areas. I know of no course of action that will more quickly insure that all alcohol is confiscated when boardingthe ship. I was on a ship last Fall when the crew noticed a large group doing this around the pool. The next day the crew confiscated every single bottle that was brought onboard in Barbados. Don't think the crew does not know what is going on. I was really peeved because a bunch of clowns up at the pool had caused me to lose my manhattan mixings. All the napsacks, carry-ons, beach bags and containers were x-rayed and all bottles were confiscated.

It is perfectly fine to take your booze onboard to your cabin and drink your booze in your cabin. What a pax does in his or her cabin is their business as long as they are not bothering anyone else.

It is a giant faux pas to take your alcohol outside your cabin and drink it in any of the public areas...Unless, of course, you are taking it or having it sent to the dining room where you will make the proper arrangements and pay and/or tip the Sommelier accordingly.

I totally agree with you...the prices they now charge for drinks are crimminal. The line pays next to nothing for the alcohol it serves but they have raised prices way beyond anything rational. They are driving good pax like yourself to desperate acts. You can not expect a $499 pp cabin to yeild a they look for it elsewhere. It is unfortunate that lately it has become a case of "full greed ahead".

Do us all a favor a good lad and take you libations in your cabin where you have a perfect right to do so.

Always take your spirits in good spirit!!!




Honestly, it doesn't matter to me one iota whether someone violates the cuiselines rules and sneaks their booze onto the really doesn't. A lot of you folks must drink a whole lot to have the need to do this to save a few bucks in bar tabs, but that is probably another thread.

The thing I find absolutely hilarious is you placing the blame on fellow booze smugglers for having your booze confiscated.....the blame falls squarely on you and nobody else for deciding to violate the ship rules.

And this line:
"It is perfectly fine to take your booze onboard to your cabin and drink your booze in your cabin. What a pax does in his or her cabin is their business as long as they are not bothering anyone else."
Uh, no it isn' stated, it against the rules. You break the rules and get caught, it is on you.

If you don't like the cruise ship pricing, you have the following options:
-don't cruise
-don't drink
-drink on shore
-smuggle it aboard, but don't complain when the ship enforces it's own rules.


There are 30 2 oz drinks in a 1.75 liter bottle of alcohol, assuming you pay at least $5.00 (including tip) a drink the savings of having a couple of drinks in your cabin is $150.00, money that could be used for so many other wonderful things on a cruise. I agree, don't flaunt it, but I see no problem with having a couple of cocktails in our cabin before dinner.


I think most of us realize that the attempts of most of the cruiselines to prevent us from circumventing their attempt to sell us extortionately high priced drinks should not include preventing us from bringing something for our in room consumption. Not a hotel in the world ever has or I guess ever would try such a thing. The hotels make available min bars just as cruise ships often do and we know folks still pack their favorite beverages to take to hotels. The hotels don't police their guests and I don't think cruise lines should either. However, taking your homemade drinks to the pool area or casino or elsewhere other than your cabin is not good manners. You just don't do it. Those are the venues where they sell liquor, it would be like taking your drinks into a restaurant at home.


This horse has been beaten to death, and I don't want to prolong it except to say that if you're OK with violating the ship's rules about smuggling alcohol on board, that's fine. My point is that you have no right to complain when the ship does decide to enforce it's rules, particularly when you know before cruising what the rules are and the possible consequences for violating them.

The ship lines have a fiduciary responsibility to their stockholders (which don't necessarily include the cruise customers) to maximize the worth of their stock by increased profits. This includes selling drinks at what some consider to be high prices. If this is too much for some people, perhaps they should consider vacation options that are better suited to their budgets.

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I always love the "Booze Threads". they are stimulating.

Thank you Kathy...You hit the nail on the head. The lines are simply taking advantage of a captured audience.

Maritno, You do not know your history regarding the liners or maritime law. Your response was sophomoric, to say the least.

The truth was that the ship I was on had no problem allowing pax to take aboard alcohol, as has been their tradition, until the clowns up at the pool decided to act like gauche, tacky buffoons. This faux pas created a reaction that affected me and I am still peeved at their bad behavior.

Since you are so much into rules and regulations, allow me to quote a few to you. Maritime law gaurantees the right to "private" enjoyment in my cabin. Just because a line comes up with a phony rule to protect their monopoly does not mean that the rule does not violate maritime law. This also has to do with the rules and regulations of the Port Authorities who also insist on certain rights for the pax if a ship calls at their facilitiy. It is the ship that is then violating the rules sir.

My responsibility, sir, is to enjoy the cruise, use the ship's facilities in a socially proper manner and not disturb my fellow pax with bad behavior. Those responsibilities do rest squarely on my shoulders.



"Your response was sophomoric, to say the least."

Well, I guess that's better than freshmanic, so I guess I got that going for me!

Since this is a RCCL board, I can only assume that is the cruise line that is being referred to here, whose carry-on alcohol policy is:

"Can I bring my own liquor onboard?
We apologize for any inconvenience but due to our regulatory and licensing requirements guests are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages of any kind onboard for consumption or any other use. Alcoholic beverages that are purchased duty-free from the Shops On Board or at ports of call will be stored by us and delivered to your stateroom on the last day of your voyage. A member of our staff will be at the gangway to assist with the storage of your purchases. Should you choose to consume alcoholic beverages purchased from the Shops On Board, a $9.50 consumption fee will apply at the time of purchase. Note that no open liquor bottles will be permitted to be brought into dining areas or public areas."

Seems pretty black and white to me. Again, sneaking alcohol aboard is not the issue here. Complaining about it when you get caught doing it is the issue.

I have no problem with booze smugglers, I really don't. If you know the rules before boarding, still do it and get caught, then what is there to complain about........other smugglers? I'm just trying to point out the inanity of that argument.

Is it your contention that Maritime Law specifically precludes RCCL from prohibiting alcohol to be brought aboard by their passengers? Wow.......we've got the makings of a scandal here! You would have to cite the specific code before I would believe that.


"I have no problem with booze smugglers"...

Let's see...The shipping companies buy direct from the distillers...then they ship free to a bonded warehouse...then they place the alcohol onboard duty free...and then sell it to American citizens that they pick up in Amnerican ports. I, on the other hand, buy a bottle in the the proper taxes and then take it onboard the ship...




I have to say one thing about some of the reasons people "smuggle" the drink of choice on board. I for one know that the cruise line does not sell or serve what I drink (with the exception of Princess and to buy a bottle at the bar was twice the price that I pay at home). So it is a matter of having a drink I enjoy or settling for something else. It has nothing to do with money. I do settle occasionally and buy a few drinks and I being female shop well on the ship.... so I am contributing to the bottom line of the company. I just can't see what the big deal is....and yes I have taken a drink from my cabin to pool area but more times than not just have a diet coke (with my expensive coke card).


Here's what has worked for me...

I take two large bottles of Listerine, empty them & clean them well. They become my containers for my brown liquors (Jack and Captain Morgan). I use four 1.5 liter water bottles for my clear liquors (rum & Vodka). I usually carry on a 24 pack of Diet Coke to mix (they don't have a problem with that).

The key to drinking your drink in public areas is: as soon as you get on the ship, spend a little dough and buy a souvenir cup. Use that as your drinking cup for the duration of the cruise.

I was caught once on the Pride when I put the soda cans and scotch bottles directly into my checked baggage. Well, the x-ray must have looked like 24 individual pipe bombs or something, because I was standing tall before the security man shortly after we set sail. They thought the cans were beer. They had me open the suitcase to show them it was only sodas, and unfortunately, my Jack Daniels bottles were right next to the cans. The bottles were confiscated and returned to me the last nigt of the cruise. It wasn't a big deal, except I had to buy $4.00 beers for the rest of the cruise.

If you go to Cozumel, there is a big two-story store there (can't think of the name of it). For $20.00 they will sell you a burlap bag that contains shot glasses, maraccas, a hat and a bottle of tequilla. I have been there four times and have carried the bag back onto the ship every time without any problems.

Good luck!!!


We have taken a bottle or two of our good wines to have in our cabin and at least an additional one or two to take to dinner to share. We wrap it well, place in our checked luggage and have never had a problem. Our cabin steward will bring us the wine glasses and a cork screw if necessary. We still purchase a bottle of wine at one of the bars and they hold it for us as we decide to get a glass. Our bar bill adds up very quickly, and we enjoy having a drink in our room on our balcony.


wow,some of you people really have a drinking problem.

it seem to me that to some of you its not a matter of economics or manners but a need to consume alcohol 24/7 .so sad

i agree 100% that cruise companies should enforce there liquor policies if liquor is smuggled aboard and consumed in public areas

some of these people smuggling booze aboard(gallons of booze in listerine containers give me a break!!!) have a drinking problem or have bad manners.these are the people getting inebriated and causing problems with fellow members and you want a drunk cruise passenger or a passenger with a alcohol problem at your dinner table or next to youre cabin being obnoxious,i dont

get some help please


How much ARE drinks on board?

I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, and I really look forward to a glass of port before I hit the sack, but that's about it. On vacation, it might be different to have a Bloody Mary with breakfast, or a Pina Colada just as a fun thing during the afternoon if it's hot, but gees, too much alcohol, wouldn't you just go to sleep and miss the cruise?

I'm going to take two bottle of port with me, because Hubby and I both enjoy something before bed, and might take wine for dinner sharing with our tablemates, but if I want something during the day, I'll pay for it.


Wines about $5.00 a glass (including tip) for the house wine. I don't smuggle to consume it in public, I enjoy my wine on our balcony pre dinner while watching the sunset or the stars shine. Believe me that 1 bottle I bring (always have carried it on and never had a problem) makes no difference in my liquor bill. Plenty more bottles are bought aboard the ship.

Last trip I brought none but did have wine sent as a gift to myself to have on my balcony.