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Sneaking Alcohol- anyone busted?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by vtbunny, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. ROSS

    ROSS Guest

    HI GANG!!

    Major: I think you are being extremely judgemental and a tad over-opinionated. People who are taking alcohol into their cabins have every right to do so...especially if the lline allows it or overlooks it or is compelled to allow it by local port regulations. This does not mean that everyone is drunk and disorderly. "What you do in your room is your business"...as long as you are not bothering the other pax...you are entitled to the peace, quiet and privacy of your cabin.

    I do think that filling up plastic bottles is a bit drastic but..."as long as you are not bothering anyone else"...it's your cruise as long as your good manners stay intact.

    I know of pax who bring in cases of their own. It is wheeled onboard and nobody says a word. If the Xray machine sees it then can not say you are smuggling. RCI and Celebrity are very good about allowing pax to come onboard with whatever it takes for them to enjoy their cruise.

    I will repeat my earlier quote: It is extremely bad form and bad manners to be drinking your own booze in the public areas of the ship. I repeat this because a lot of newbie pax do not understand the etiguette involved in cruising. This thread began with the question of what was acceptable...lest anyone thinks that I am not "staying on Point".


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  2. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    Hey Major, are you related to the Church Lady from Saturday Nite Live? "Alcohol consumption....well isn't that special?" :)
  3. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    posted edited as only half a message appeared. I think my puter got drunk.

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  4. randy

    randy Guest

    Actually, the best thing to do is to buy a still, break it down into pieces and place it in random suitcases. Then, once the luggage is delivered, set it up in the shower, which is too small for anything else, has access to an outlet for the hotplate, and a drain for the condensate. Order up lots of raw potatoes from room service (don't forget the tip!), and light it off. By the end of the cruise, you have your own "fresh" vodka, you aren't stuck with the expensive bar tab, and you can pride yourself on your ingenuity. Similarly, you can take your own formal night pictures with a disposable camera (buy at WalMart and smuggle aboard with the still) while they are getting set up for the night, and sneak aboard the chemicals, paper and enlarger to print your own photographs, saving countless additional dollars.
    Tongue firmly planted in cheek for those literal-minded who may stray across this posting! ;-)
  5. martino

    martino Guest

    Hey Randy......

    Y'know the flame from the still can take the place of candles in the stateroom if you just leave the bathroom door open......................
  6. randy

    randy Guest

    You're right, Martino--
    A TWOFER! Ambience and alcohol all in one! Get to use the booze and "candle" light simultaneously! You see, this portable still thing is the answer to many cruisers' dreams! And you still get to smuggle something, too!
  7. Michael W

    Michael W Guest

    I have brught my own wine and Pepsi on board everytime. I have never had a problem. I have seen people bring much more than me, but I think they usually look the other way.

    Have a drink for me!
  8. usher

    usher Guest

    Been on two cruises over the last two years. The first with Holland America actually had a place to buy your favorite alcoholc beverage in port prior to sailing. The booze arrived about 1/2 hour before departing. You picked it up and it spent the entire cruise in your room with you.

    The second cruise (Norwegian) had a no booze rule. Unfortunately myself and about 20 others were summoned to the custom's office where we were requested to open our suitcases and hand over the bottles. After a $10.00/per bottle corkage fee some of us got our booze back that night.

    Going out of Baltimore end of May. How hard will it be to get a few bottles of wine onboard in the luggage?

    Was also told to wait until the first port (Keys, FL) and buy the booze there. No one will stop you from bringing the booze on board. Any comments?
  9. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    My evil no-tipping shift manager just got off the Monarch last month, and he was telling me today they were only confiscating hard liquer. They didn't bother with the wine. SO... I guess I won't be bringing the liquer with the Lizard in it from Hong Kong!
  10. samij427

    samij427 Guest

    i just got back from rrcl on 4/30. any alcohol you got on the island they let you take to your room. no one got stoped.
  11. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Just about every day, I find new reasons to be grateful that I gave up alcohol 12 years ago. This thread has given me about 10 more
  12. Deb Mumaw

    Deb Mumaw Guest

    I don't understand why so many people go to all the trouble of sneaking things in their bags and risking ruining their clothes or having the booze take away. You can buy it onboard and take it back to your room for the same or less than you can buy it at home anyway. Why go to all the hassle?
  13. svowen

    svowen Guest

    People risk sneaking booze on board, because it gets very expensive if you drink every night on the cruise (which my wife and I pretty much do). For those of you who are being a little judgmental on this issue, keep in mind that this is a vacation, if some people like to go out and get sloppy on their vacations, more power to them (us) as long as we behave ourselves in public...

    As to the actual smuggling, I personally prefer not too. I plan on spending quite a bit on my drinks, and figure that into my budget before going on the cruise. Mostly because I would rather not worry about getting "busted" breaking the ships rules. Regardless of there legality with regards to maritime law, if the boat wants to take it or kick me off, they will, and it's not worth the risk to me (i'm a big chicken). While the use of listerine bottles as camoflauge is a little silly, it's pretty clever too. Kind of eliminates the possibility to play dumb if you do happen to get caught aboard a cruise that frowns on such things though...

    However, I don't think others should be berated for questioning this policy, and RCCLs enforcement off it.
  14. sam85

    sam85 Guest

    I think the title of this subject says it all! Yes I think people should be able to enjoy themselves on the cruise. Yet when one person smuggles alcohol and gets caught they ruin it for the rest of us. Yea, they sure are high prices. So, save up some chump change and choose a couple nights in which to get totally sloshed. I mean you do want to remember the cruise, right?
  15. marktime

    marktime Guest

    I have had to pay corkage in several hotels on liquor that I brought with me to my hotel room. One time in Chicago I had a suite for entertaining at a convention. I noticed the bellhop counting the bottles before he left the room after delivering some food. Shortly after a knock came at the door and I was presented with a $110.00 corkage bill. It was still cheaper than buying the liquor at the hotel. Look at it this way...if you owned a restaurant and a customer came in bringing his dinner with him, would you not feel like charging him for the privilege? Or, would you throw him out instead???? The cruise lines are in the liquor business. They look at liquor smugglers as people robbing them of some of their business.
  16. Samet822

    Samet822 Guest

    I don't sneak it on board to save money. We like to buy unusual wines or liqueurs that are not offered on board the ship to enjoy on our balcony. My cruise docs say that RCI has the right to refuse or limit alcohol beverages brought on board. It does not say it is forbidden to bring them. We are just taking a chance.

    We are sailing the Mediterranean soon. I plan to buy a bottle of Cava in Spain, some French wine in Villefranche, chianti in Livorno, and maybe some Sicilian wine. I do not plan on bringing back more than one bottle from any port.

    It's about experiences and trying new things, not necessarily about saving money.

  17. cyrusuncc

    cyrusuncc Guest

    correct me if i'm wrong...

    if you purchase the booze at the duty free shop and pay the $9.75, your usually still getting it cheaper then at a US ABC store.

    if you purchase booze off shore, you can still pay the $9.75 and have no problems taking it to your room.

  18. ftzy

    ftzy Guest

    A little wine here, some port, maybe a Pina Colada, and a Bloody Mary. It adds up. The two of you will rack up about 400 to 500 dollars for a 10 day cruise! Now you can understand why people sneak in stuff. My wife and daughter don't even drink, but virgin daquiris/pinas etc still cost a lot and I paid about 300 for the cruise.
  19. ftzy

    ftzy Guest

    Save your self the time and hassle. I bought a two pack of Absolut (on sale) for 15 bucks on board. (Grandeur of the Seas 5/21-5/31) After paying the 9 buck fee, it only comes out to 16.50 a bottle.
  20. Ritmo

    Ritmo Guest

    I don'd know what to do !
    I only drink beer, but I drink a lot, in ocasions.
    If, for example, I drink at the pool, afternoons watching sunset, dinner, casino, let's say a dozen per day, at $4 plus 0,60 tipping, it'll go to more than $300.
    Maybe it's cheaper to buy it at the Liquor Store, or at the ports... but then I'd be able to drink it only at the balcony...
    They could have a beer package, as for the soft drinks, no?

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