Sneaking Alcohol- anyone busted?




Actually the tip is included in the price of the drink, and if I recall, it's closer to $3.50 for a beer on board. Not much of a difference, but if your putting away a 12 pack a day, it adds up. Also, if you plan to have that many, just put a few away at a local bar while your in port. My wife and I like to tie one on a couple of nights on our vacations too, and I've found that things are MUCH cheaper in most of the ports (at least the ones we have been too).


Yes, svowen, I'll be seen drunk at all ports :)
Here in Rio, a beer at a regular bar costs 30 cents...


They let you bring the alcohol you purchased on board back to your cabin? I was under the impression that anything you buy in the liquor store on board was held until the last night? Can you clarify for me?

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Just got off the Grandeur Monday. We purchased a bottle of rum in Belize and walked right on board with it - no problems.

Also had a little something in my luggage that made it to my cabin.

The different alcoholic beaverages for sale in the on-board stores weren't priced too badly so buying booze there might work. But I'm not sure if they let you take it to your room.

Have fun!!!


I recently went on a cruise aboard the Nordic Empress. We were able to sneek on liquor in its original bottles with no problem in both our checked and carry on luggage.
We had no problem having the liquor in our rooms. Our cabin stewart even would replace the ice we had our bottles chilling on.

We were also able to puchase liquor at port and bring it on board with no problem.

If you purchase liquor from the duty free shop on board you could bring it back to your room for a $10 surcharge per bottle. In some cases the duty free price plus the surcharge was about what I would pay at home for the bottle. You can purchase it on the last night and bring it to your room, or they will hold it until the last night if you purchase it earlier on the cruise.

I recogmend buying duty free and bringing it home at least up to your liter limit but customs doesn't really check to see how much you are bringing.


I read this thread before my cruise and decided to bring a bottle of rum to mix with the juices and two good bottles of wine. I just put them in ziplock bags and packed them in my suitecases.

I opened one bottle in my cabin (which my steward kept on ice for me) and brought a great bottle of reserve cabernet up to share with my tablemates and paid the corkage. I didn't mind paying the corckage because I was drinking it in a public place and even with the charge, I was able to share an excellent bottle of wine with my new companions at a great price.

As far as the staff goes, they supplied me with ice and were very thankful when I left them my half full bottle of rum.

As with anything, be respectful of your fellow passengers and the staff if they have to enforce the rules.