sneaking alcohol



I know most of you are against trying to sneak alcohol on board ( i have been lurking on the boards for awhile. Gotton some great tips) but I am going to try it anyway. Have to find some ways to cut costs without cutting tip money. And I realize I could just not drink, but it is something I enjoy in moderation. I promise to accept it with good graces if I get caught and it gets yanked. But that being said, any tips?


Buy large leak proof plastic bottle and put that in a plastic bag then pack it in your checked luggage at the pier. Never had a problem.


try the small sample bottles( like on the airplane) and put them in you checked bags works every time


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On a Carnival cruise, we packed VODKA in plastic water bottles. (Also brought along some celery salt and Crystal hot sauce to make room-service bloody marys)

Friends that we were with are big Tequila fans. They brought along BLUE TINTED plastic water bottles. They'd bring them ashore, buy exotic tequilas, transfer it into the bottles, then bring them back on board.

Does anybody have experience with bringing WINE onboard RCI? On our Carnival cruise, we CARRIED-ON about a dozen bottles of wine and champagne. They didn't bat an eye...just checked to make certain that no booze was mixed in. Will I be able to be so blatant on the Splendour in April?


Just a warning, my wife and I were in Disney World a few weeks ago and I was talking with a couple who had just come from a 7 day Disney cruise (too many kids, not for me) and they said Disney put off a family at the first port because they had spotted booze in their checked luggage as it was being x-rayed. Granted this is 2nd hand info and another cruise line, but you never know how they will react.


We bought one of those boxes of wine ( I can't think of the name of it) and took it out of the box and I think we put it in another plastic bag to be on the safe side. We had some Vodka in a water bottle (tupperware style). We brought on 2 6-pack plastic bottles of Diet Pepsi, a couple plastic bottles of juice, oh, and a regular bottle of rum ( I think it came in some sort of plastic container). We had bought a souvenir glass the night before the cruise in Miami at Mango's Tropical Cafe and brought them. Our room attendant would wash it for us each day. We got a drink on Cococay and then had another souvenir glass and walked around the ship with it that night. That night two comments were made. The cruise director told us to move our plastic coolers from the floor or they would get knocked over during the scavenger hunt and a waiter at the disco asked us what we were drinking and got them filled up for us - no charge. Yes, we brought a lot but we didn't know what we would be in the mood for on the boat and we did bring some back home. It seems like you could buy some duty free and use that on the ship but am not too sure. I'm thinking that maybe the keep them for you until the end of the trip. Anyway, we definitely didn't have any problem.


I've often packed the plastic liqour bottles in my checked luggage, and I also always enclose them in a large ziplock bag. Never had a problem!

Jim 1

I just went on the Radiance Of The Seas on October 18th. We brought a lot of alcohol with us. More than we needed for a two-day cruise actually, but it is good to be prepared. We did not check our suitcases, so they were all carry-ons. We put them on the belt through the scanner and there was no problem. We did nothing to disguise them. There were about 20 bottles of beer and a full bottle of rum. Anyway it was no problem. I like that Royal Caribbean has a mini-bar in the room. We put our beers in there to keep them cold. It is so hard to stick to drinking your own drinks exclusively. I ended up buying many drinks at the bars because it was more convenient then going back to the cabin. I think it would be foolish for any cruise line to confiscate alcohol being brought on the ship by paying passengers.

Take care and good cruising!



Is it true that you can buy it on a store on the ship and bring it back to your room for a $9.95 surcharge? If so what is available and how are the prices? I heard a liter a Absolut is about $10. If so it doesn't seem to make sense to sneak it on. Can you also buy wine, beer and mixers?


I'm not against it Ellena. I take the wines I like. First, they don't have them on the ship. Third, I will not pay 3x to 4x what a bottle is worth. Example, $9 bottle of Kendall-Jackson chardonay on land, they sell for $33 to $37 a bottle on the ship. No, I know they need to make margins, but not that much.

Most cases, you can't buy on board and take back to the room. In the cases where they let you take it back, they charge a lot more because they add the duty and a premium to take it back.


We just returned from our first cruise (on Monarch).. We brought aboard 2 lg bottles of booze and a box of wine. We were discreet with it but left the box out a few times and we had no problem. If we could not bring some on board, I doubt we would cruise! I bought a large covered mug in the gift shop and fixed cocktails in our room. We asked our room attendant to bring us ice 2 x's a day and it was no problem. I would sail RCL again just for this reason!!!


We sailed the Rhapsody. Brought several bottles in our luggage, placed them hidden behind the drapes of our window. When we returned from b'fast, the shades were pulled back and exposed our stash! No problem!
Our cabin attendent even used the empty vodka bottle for one of our "night animals".

Go for it---its worth the savings!