Sneaking on Liqour



Hey Everyone,

This is my first cruise and wondering how we can get the goods on board. I know you veterans have some good ideas......HELP!


Put the bottles in large zip lock bags (doubled) wrap in bubble wrap and stash inside a large, heavy duty garbage bag. Carry in a hard sided suitcase that you will check, not carry on. Last cruise (and I will repeat for next one) we packed a case of beer, several bottles of champagne, a couple of 20 oz Coke bottles filled with rum, and several bottles of Coke. We also packed a collapsible cooler that our steward kept filled with ice. We used the fruit punch and lemonade from the Lido deck, combined with the rum, to make pretty decent Mai Tai's.


you might also want to read through about a dozen other messages along this same line. Seems plenty have done it.


we put a plactic bottles of captain morgan
and a bottle of raspberry vodka
in our suitcases in ziplock bags
among our clothes and had no problem
the we carried on diet pepsi and water
they don't say anything about a small amount of pop and water
I had also packed a collapsible cooler and our cabin steward kept it full of ice
they also have tea,lemonade and fruit punch on the lido deck if you want to mix with any of these
I brought crystal light drink mix and made lemonade with my water and added the raspberry vodka

mind you we did purchase alcohol on deck too (lots of it)
we mainly use our smuggled stuff for when you hang around the cabin or bring one drink up on deck I don't spend my time running back and forth

our friend had found 12 packs of the small (airplane bottles)
of skyy vodka and he just tucked these all over his suitcase

I think if they did find the alcohol they just take it away and give it to you on the last day ...then you whoop it up

another friend had bought a small bottle of whiskey in port and just had it in his shorts pocket and security asked what it was took it and put his name on it and on saturday morning it was outside his cabin door


I will bet that the security screeners are getting wise to the four half-gallon bottles of clear and brown Scope in the luggage trick. Try this instead: soak an old sweatshirt in your fave liquor, put it in a couple of zip lock bags, and then just wring it out into the water carafe in your room. I haven't PERSONALLY tried this, but would like someone to try it and let us know. Otherwise, you could get the bottles of Cruzan flavored rum at the duty free shop onboard for $9.00 a bottle and then just pay the extra $6 fee to take it to your room, pour it into your emptied Scope bottles and have the same effect. ;-)


what a great idea Randy
I sure wish I would have thought of that
because then I would have had an extra swetshirt to wear on
the chilly evenings
next cruise I will definitely try this
but i also think if you use socks they may fit better in the baggies

; )


Both my wife and I brought on bottles of ahem "hydrogen peroxide" the REALLY big bottles at wal mart, empty them, and put them in your dishwasher for about 10 cycles and then fill with your favorite spirits. We put them in our suitcases and never heard a word about it. We too drank lots of dining room lemondade and vodka that week.

April & Kelvin

What about plastic hairspray bottles..wash them out with lemon and salt ... they wouldnt open them would they...girl has to have her hairspray and spritz...i'll just pack the real thing in hubby's suitcase or in my carry on... would this work????


Try those bottles with the cover on them, those covers to keep the drinks cool. They come in different sizes. I have one in a one liter size. fill that up and put it on your arm when you get on the ship they will never know.


The water bottle trick and the mouth wash bottle is good too. You can even put greenfood color in the scope bottle , they will never know the difference.

Good Luck!! Have fun!!


Trina312, great idea with the food coloring in the scope bottles. Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone for your help! Now any advice about going on the excursions:

St. Thomas
San Jaun


I think it would be too difficult to smuggle excursions on board, regardless of what you package them in. It MAY be possible to enlist the help of all the members of your party and smuggle a motor scooter aboard in parts, which you could re-assemble in your cabin and then use this in any ports in lieu of renting one. I would recommend getting large 2-gallon bottles of laundry detergent at Sam's, wash them out thoroughly---oh, wait--that's another thread...


i just got back from the fantasy cruise on 4-29-04, the scope bottle with 3 drops of green food coloring worked great, i left the rest in the room, hope they didn't decide to keep it to rinse there mouth out!!


Just talked to my neighbor that went on the Carnival Miracle. Caution they did check the labels of the water bottles. They had vodka in Dannon water bottles and they took it because the lables had been stripped. But use the idea of one of those bottles that have the straps that go over your shoulders. They are the ones that have the insulated coverings on them. Good Luck!!


Well, duh, DON'T strip the labels. Just leave the bottles attatched like they come, empty all or just some of them and refill them. Or, do like we did and just wrap the vodka well in bubble wrap, put it in a big ziploc, and pack it in the middle of your clothes. We had no problems this way. I also took dark rum in Lipton Iced Tea bottles. This worked great too.