Sneaking on Liqour



They were still attached, the tops had to be unscrewed to get the vodka in them. I still like the Scope bottle with the green food color and just wrap it and put in your suitcase and not carry it on. The tea bottles are good too, but she mentioned that they were checking the tops. Just put in your suitcase and don't carry it on.


The checking of individual items . . . is that only occuring with carry on items, or are they digging mouth wash bottles and other bottles out of checked luggage to inspect them? My wife laughed, but I may really have to super glue the rings back on if they are taking ordinary looking bottles out of checked luggage and inspecting them.


I bought pints in port and put in my pockets. I `ve done this many times.I also bring a twelve pack of coke in my suitcase. Never a problem.


Your luggage that you check is supposed to be locked when you turn it over to them. Never have been asked to unlock one. You shoulde be just fine.


You worry too much. All of the liquor stores have plastic litre and 2 litre bottles in most major brands (they are even called "travel" bottles). Just put them in your regular suitcase, lock it, turn it in with your checked luggage and don't worry about it. I always try to take bottled water and bottles of diet Coke also (bottles are better than cans because you can close them if you don't drink it all - no waste). Of course, my husband curses at me because they make the suitcases so heavy. Just don't put the liquor in your carry-on! That's the only time I have heard of liquor getting confiscated. My children ( young adults), bought liquor at the ports of call. The liquor was discovered when their bags were x-rayed and they were told to turn it in at the next table. They turned in one bottle (which is returned to you on the last night) and kept the rest.

I still end up having a hefty bar bill but it is nice to be able to have some drinks in your room when you want to.


Well, I must put my 2 cents in. I have done the ol' vodka in water bottle trick a few times with no problem. One cruise I got daring and said, the hell with liquor (i'm really a beer girl). I took a twelve pack of cherry coke, emptied out the box, and refilled it with Miller Lite. I hot glued the darn thing shut again and it looked like I had soda in my bag. On my last trip I didn't bother with the facade. I just put the whole darn case in my bag as-is. It got to my room just fine.


Step 1: You must fill your belly with alcohol-goodness prior to embarkation. Do not consume the bottle or can.

Step 2: Wrap a case of Miller Lite in colorful gift wrap. Wrap a case of rum in colorful gift wrap. Tell the baggage porter that these are "gifts", and to deliver them to your room with your luggage. When your gifts arrive to your room, you can revel in the sheer joy of unwrapping them!

Step 3: Hide bottles of liquor in clothing and various places in your luggage weeks prior. It becomes a fun alternate to an Easter-egg hunt as you randomly unpack! Nothing is more delightful than "finding" a bottle of Jose Cuervo nestled in your socks!

Step 4: Bring one of those foldie coolers. Slipping your room attendent a $20 will keep your room attendant quiet and your beverages iced.

Step 5: When in port, repeat Step 1.


HI! I just got back from a 5 day on the Celebration on 4/19 and I brought a big bottle of rum and 2- 2liters of coke and Dr. Pepper and NO ONE said a word. I had all the bottles out in the room and no one still said anything. I will tell you that if you dont buy a soda card, this will be wonderful for you for free cokes to drink! I dont think they really care about liquor unless it is in big quantities!