Snorkel tours in Cozumel......any suggestions?


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I am trying to find a good snorkel excursion in Cozumel. There have been a few that I found that either got really bad reviews or do not have the snorkel tour anymore. In the past we have gone to Chankkanaab (sp?) and snorkeled from the beach but I was hoping to find a catamaran or a glass bottom boat or something different than we've already done.
I would appreciate any suggestions and/or reviews.

We have been going to Cozumel for 20 years and have tried many snorkel tours. The last one we tried was chac-choc tours. The dive captains were very knowledgeable and helpful. There were about 15 people on the boat so the group was not unmanageable. We prefer the smaller boats to some of the cattle boats we have seen on the water. They picked us up and brought us back to our hotel. I assume they would do the same at the ship's port. I'm not sure what the dock we used but it was not Chankkanaab which is definitely the place to avoid when multiple ships are in port. We are going back in November and will definitely try them again. They van be reached at or

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We used Eagle Ray Divers, my wife and friends snorkeld and i did 2 dives. They had 3 snorkel stops with lunch. Chellie and her husband run a very family friendly shop. Not too many people on the boat, very personal service.

Hi Dolphin

For the best snorkeling, try to avoid boats that depart from right downtown or at the piers and don't go far south. They will usually stop for snorkeling in areas not far from the piers where there is less coral and more people.

The cheaper tours ($30 or less) will almost always just go to these areas as they simply cannot afford to the diesel to take you further south at that price.

Either pay for a more expensive tour that takes you to areas further south or take a taxi to a boat that departs from a pier further south in the first place. The snorkeling further south usually has more reef, less people and better sealife.

Also, try to find a tour that has at least one guide for every 6 people in the water, they control the groups better and are generally safer and better run like that.

Hope that helps!


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