Snorkeling and StingRay City Excursion by NativeWay Sports


Paul Macey

Here is a review of our great excursion offered by NativeWay Sports for StingRay City and snorkeling while in Grand Cayman:

Just got off the NCL SUN's 8/24-8/31 cruise yesterday.

We went with NativeWay Sports, $25 per person for my son and I who snorkled, $10 per person for my wife and daughter who went along to view the rays, but didn't snorkel.

There were 15 of us, who were met by Eldon on the pier who drove us to the GC yacht club via a air conditioned van, to board their 40 foot cruiser. Here we met his wife Sharon and assistants, who explained what we would be doing and where we would be going.

While cruising out to the sandbar, you're given the option to either sit up in the flying bridge, up on the bow, back on the stern, or in the cabin.

This was to be a 2 1/2 hour tour with two stops at the Coral Gardens and StingRay City. It turned into a 3+ hour tour with a extra stop at the barrier reef, fantastic!

When going out towards the sandbar where StingRay City is, they monitor the crowds to determine if you'd stop there with the least amount of people already in the water, or if too crowded, move onto either the barrier reef or Coral Gardens then go back to StingRay city.

Great personal service, great knowledgable assistants. You get to hold, feed, and pet the StingRays. They even brought one over to the boat for my wife and daughter to feed and pet (and be promptly squirted by the StingRays, none the less), while they sat on the diving platform.

They did a fine job and their tour was the highlight of the day for us! They also provide juice and ice water, their cruiser has a head, and they will drop you off at 7 mile beach or the pier, on the way back.

At this time, their pricing is $9-10 per person cheaper than Capt. Marvins and they were the only outfit to offer a discount for my wife and daughter to enjoy the StingRays, Barrier Reef, and Coral Gardens, without getting into the water and/or snorkeling. (available space may come into play allowing this to happen on future excursions)

Their web site is:

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone, they did a excellent job for us.


Thanks for the review Paul. I am going to Cozumel in October...Will definitley check them out...