snorkeling on St. Thomas



I've been checking out the various shore excursions that offer snorkeling and I'm interested in the Buck Island tour and the Turtle cove tour. My question is how do you get back on the boats from the it by way of ladder or stairs? ...if it's by ladder are they long ladders? My concern is that I won't be able to climb up it because I'm not exactly a small person. ..........has anyone been on either of these tours?


Roger & Karen

We have not taken either of these tours but have taken a taxi to Coki Beach twice and had a great time snorkeling there. It is a fairly small beach but the snorkeling was pretty good-lots of fish to see and coral. It is easy to get a cab there and back-we never had a problem either way and there were always other cruisers there. Good luck!


The Buck island tour is off either a sailboat or catamaran. The cove at Buck island is very deep (over 40 ft in someplaces) and there is no beach to speak of. You must either climb down the lader or do a backroll off the side (if it close to the water line) and you need to climb a ladder to get back in.


I did not like snorkeling off Buck Island. The water is deep and not too clear, so I couldn't see as much. Also, the day I was there it was very very choppy water. Where you snorkel off Buck Island is open ocean, so if you are not a good swimmer I would select a protected cove or bay to snorkel in or perhaps off of a beach. We went out on a motor boat and you get in and out of the water on a ladder.
Happy cruising!