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Snorkelling Coz

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Ellena, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. Ellena

    Ellena Guest

    Has anyone been snorkeling in Cozumel? I am trying to decide between going snorkeling on the cruise line's shore excursion, just going to the national park by ourselves or hiring an independant scuba shop. I think I remember hearing that the snorkeling at the park is not that great, but I don't know. Any information or suggestions appreciated.
  2. tonylab

    tonylab Guest

    If you mean Chankannab, the snorkeling is good there. You might want to try eagleraydivers.com. They offer two or three reef snorkel tours. They get rave reviews. They provide pesonal attention since they take out groups of only 12 or less.
  3. BurBunny

    BurBunny Guest

    Snorkeling at Chankanaab park is good, but if you're experienced snorkelers, and don't mind going from a boat rather than the shore, I'd recommend either a ship's excursion or private to Palancar Reef. The snorkeling there is a world apart and truly beautiful.
  4. Rufus

    Rufus Guest

    We have been snorkeling with the Cruise Ship Tours twice in Cozumel and really enjoyed the experience. They take you to two different spots and the water is clear and you are guided and safe, and you are guaranteed to be back at the ship on time. One time the ship waited for us to return. It was a great time.

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