So Frustrated


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DH went very early this a.m. for labs at the oncologist & from there to the PET Scan. While he was getting the PET, the dr office called & due to some problems with his blood chemalizing??? the labs needed to be repeated as soon as he was done with the PET. No big deal, he could do that. I called & left a message at the Imaging Center for him to call me when he was done. He called at approx 11:30 & said the PET Scan machine broke!! He drank the junk you have to have, he got injected, he laid for an hour+ for this stuff to go thru his system & the machine broke. Tried to fix it but after 3 hrs they sent him home; have to have someone from Iowa City come & make the repair. No charge for today they said. PET re-scheduled for next Thurs & dr appoint the Thurs after that. Nobody's fault but it is so frustrating. As those of you who have been thru this know, it is extremely nerve racking waiting for tests & results that affect your future. We've been waiting for 3 mo. How can 1 person be so unlucky as to have BOTH of his tests fail in the same day; hoping this is not a bad omen. Not the way we wanted to start our long weekend. I've vented my frustration & now there is nothing left to do but pick myself up & move on as we wait a little bit longer. Think we're going to a movie later--probably a comedy.


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Yes, how FRUSTRATING. I should HOPE there would be no charge for today's non-PET scan!!!! I hope everything will go smoothly next week. {{{HUGS}}}

There must be something in the air - I had a routine blood draw yesterday morning, and got a call this morning that something happened to it -please go directly to the lab to have it repeated. So I had to drop everything.

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Know how you feel.

DH and I have both had to have numerours tests repeated over the years.

What I hate is when blood work has to be done over and we have to fast again.

Hate colonoscopies - and drinking all that liquid -- suffering for over a day and then told -- we are backed up with emergencies from withing the hospital -- get another prescription from your doctor and we will reschedule you!! And my insurance would not pay for the second set of JUNK!!


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The full moon today is sure causing an uproar!! I hope your appointment next week goes without any hitches or screw-ups!



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Kathy, just a quick explanation and a hope for better luck next week. Your hubby's blood had "hemolyzed", which means that some of the red blood cells had been torn or broken. The hemoglobin leaks out of the cell and causes all kinds of weird test results. It can happen if a patient has lousy veins, which almost all cancer patients have, due to having been stuck so many times, or if specific tubes are not mixed properly when they're drawn, along with plenty of other causes. I know it's a pain to get everything repeated, but my fellow lab rats and I don't want to report compromised results. Just think off it as being a sign that we care about all our patients and want the best for them.


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Kathy, here's some {{{{Hug's}}}} and wishing DH a better trip to the Lab next week. And seeing that JacquieP explained the reason why to you, ought to make you feel alittle bit better and understanding of why the Lab work came out "snafu". Keep us posted on DH.


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(((HUGS))) Kathy, that is frustrating. I hope you two can just sit back and relax this long weekend, just try to put it out of your head, and just relax. Think of better times. It will be okay. (((HUGS)))