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So Jimbo ..... Whats the Verdict???

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Einstein, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Inquiring Minds want to Know!!!
  2. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Look............. if you need some straws..
  3. Sunshine

    Sunshine Guest

    On yesterday's thread by Jimbo it looks like Jennifer has had something come up about her daughter that she is unable to go.

    I wonder if anyone else will take up Jimbo on his offer?????????????????

  4. DeniseZ

    DeniseZ Guest

    My daughter's friend Susan just threw her hat into the ring.....She is single, no children, thirty and attractive.
  5. DeniseZ

    DeniseZ Guest

    Oh, and she has e-mailed him and introduced herself. As it turns out Jimbo doens't live far from where I grew up and my family still resides.
  6. Judi

    Judi Guest

    Which means pretty much that Jimbo better behave himself if Susan goes or you'll send your BIG brothers over to take care of him, right, Denise??!!?? :grin
  7. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

    lol ....I love this board
  8. DeniseZ

    DeniseZ Guest

    Gosh, I am the oldest of three girls....no brothers, but Susan has one and I have son-in-laws. Actually Susan is a childhood friend of my sil......
  9. no brother's for mom, but a large brother-in-law in that area w/ a lot of brothers (think he is from a family of 10 kids).
  10. CaroleH

    CaroleH Guest

    Dang it , I really thought you stood a chance their E, with ur nursey outfit n legs n all, ah well , one day ur Huckleberry will come along
  11. DeniseZ

    DeniseZ Guest

    Now there is a thought Mindy, you know how your Uncle Danny and his family seem to know EVERYONE in Jersey......they must might know jimbo!
  12. The left coast is waiting to hear also.
  13. so really, where are you jimbo, we are all waiting!!!!!!!
  14. Jennifer

    Jennifer Guest

    sorry jimbo because i would have loved to have gone and i am sorry but something has come up with my daughter..its called bad timing..... GOOD LUCK SUSAN
  15. Now Jimbo - keep in mind - I do have an older brother :0) Seriously, if you are still looking I'd be happy to meet halfway on a Sat. or Sun. in person beforehand. Thanks to Denise, Mindy and Jennifer (sorry it didnt work out Jennifer). If I were to go it would be my first cruise....Something I've been wanting to do for some time now.
  16. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

    Im so excited that he may have a cruise partner!

    Where the heck is he?!
  17. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Carole, I thought for a moment that he was going to cruise with Jimbo and give up his space on the Hawaii cruise to you :lol
  18. I don't know where Jimbo is but I can tell you - RIGHT NOW I AM SOOOOO NERVOUS!!!!
  19. PeabodyNVL

    PeabodyNVL Guest

    Susan -

    Has he responded to any email?

  20. Kathy  Atkins

    Kathy Atkins Guest

    And the saga continues, when we left Jimbo last, he was waiting on a reply, Jennifer of "Cruise-Addict's" fame anixously biting her fingernail's tyring to decide, but alas, daughter's event came to the rescue! Enter's Susan, who is definitley interested in this prospect! But Susan is left hapless as she eagerly await's Jimbo's answer! Tune in tonight , where we hopefully find out will the ship leave the port with a lonely Jimbo at her bow? Or will the eargerly awaiting Susan be at his side, waving a fair Bon Voyage as they sail off into the sunset!

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