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So Jimbo ..... Whats the Verdict???

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Einstein, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. she didn't meet the age requirement, too young.
  2. I now can see why you can become hooked coming in here. LOL! You all seem like a great group of people. I wont be home this evening but be sure to put in a good word for me! Thanks to all. Susan
  3. CruiseDiva

    CruiseDiva Guest

    This is a nite-biter for sure! :)

  4. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    Carrie just e-mailed me that he is online....guess he is checking out all the posts.....to be continued......
  5. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

    Hes probably reading all my eamils..he just told me to hold on a sec. lol
  6. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    LOL I haven't re-freshed or hit go to top this much since Red's Unveiling during the RSMC!
  7. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

    Even though I told himnothing has been going on on the topic he made yesterday, he insists on reading it first
  8. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    Well, I guess I'll have to continue monitoring this from home.....good luck you guys! Will catch up to you all in a couple hours, LOL!
  9. come on over hear jimbo. susan is waiting:)
  10. Good God Mindy! Behave yourself! LOL.......

    I leave the office at 4 - so I'm off. Mindy keep me updated.....Will try to check in tomorrow afternoon. Have a good night everyone.

  11. sorry susan. like i said before, i think i'm more excited than you.
  12. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

  13. Jimbo

    Jimbo Guest

    K, I'm home and trying to take everything in , it sure was a busy morning and afternoon on here. I will email Susan this evening with some details of the cruise. Not sure if it is possible to meet this weekend since I'm working both Saturday and Sunday. You sound like a very nice person and I'm sure we would get along just fine. I have been on one other cruise(Voyager of The Seas) and had a great time, the ship is huge, you will not be disapointed at all by taking me up on this offer.

    I owe special thanks for my good friend Carrie for keeping everyone informed while I was at work today.
  14. Carrie

    Carrie Guest

    bout damn time!!

    Now you both need to have a Strawberry Colada in my honor, while on the Explorer ;)
  15. hi jimbo

    susan's left work for the day, though i'm sure if she sent you her yahoo email she will come by here and check it this weekend. i really think you both will have a blast!

    you can always email me if you want to get in touch w/ her.

  16. Lill

    Lill Guest

    Oh No! Do we have to wait all week-end to find out the ending??
  17. milliegreen

    milliegreen Guest

    soooooooo where is Susan???
  18. Barbarak

    Barbarak Guest

    Lill :lol
  19. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    Don't worry gang, it looks promising.....
  20. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    we want pictures... :) and a long review :lol

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