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So Jimbo ..... Whats the Verdict???



Thanks for letting me know what OT is...

How in the world is this Off Topic? This is completely about cruising, AND it's in reference to Jimbo's original post, 'free cruise on the Explorer!"


It's a great topic, just hope there's an up date by the middle of the day Sunday or I'll be in suspense for days. Guess I'll just have to buy internet time on board so that I can get an update. Please keep us posted.


Im addicted to this topic! I had to go out for awhile tonight. As soon as I got home IM'ed Jim for updates. lol
He just signed off..but I told him that if Mindy or Susan get online..Im calling him and waking him up.


This is hilarious... I've been checking this one message all day to get the updates... E you got us all addicted... :pc

Susan is Interested!

Well I have to be honest this is not something I would normally do by going on a cruise with someone I really dont know, however.....life to too short to pass up a opportunity like this - I am single with no children. No time like the present. Jim - I hope this works out but even if it doesn't.......friends to be made with good times to come!!!!

P.S.: Mindy sent him my picture and I hope he likes what he sees. LOL! I liked what I saw and look forward to meeting Jim in person. I hope this all works out. I think we would have a blast!

Susan is Interested!

LOL Carrie. It's all good....Mindy just sent Jim a picture......and I dont think I'm photogenic so we shall see.. I would like to meet in person very soon. Thanks to Carrie, Denise and Mindy for their input. Tune into Jimbo. LOL.....


Please post both Jimbo's and Susans pics within a post if possible. Thanks!

Would be a good topic.. THE PICS!

Great thread!


Saturday................Going to be out most of the day, maybe I need to take hubbys Laptop?

Red maybe you will get a phone call so I can get an update!!!! :lol


My boyfriend, Al, and I also met on a local BBS system, actually, through one of their bowling activities. This was about six months before I joined the BBS, so we at least knew what each other looked like. We actually got to know each other online and we've been together 8 1/2 years now.

Now Al doesn't like to cruise, so the last cruise I went on I shared a room with our friend Dave. Many people thought it was very odd, but we had a group of four and my friend Sheri had shared a room with Dave on a prior vacation, so I figured it was my turn.

It turned out fine. This time, Sheri gets Dave. Next time, maybe my sister will get him. We like to pass our men around :).