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So Kathy...go ahead...ask a silly question tonight! Dare Ya!



<HTML>Kathy, I'd have to say that bidets, toliets, and ambiance don't belong in the same sentence. LOL :lol :lol</HTML>


<HTML>Geeez, I gave a serious answer last night, then went to bed, and you guys all went down the :toilet

I think we ALL need a cruise....thank goodness mine is only 11 days away! :girly

~~~~~~~Judi in Hamilton NJ~~~~~~~
Wishing you Blue Skies & Calm Seas!</HTML>


<HTML>Believe me Chippsetter, if I had the first chance to do so I would!.I was only able to go as far as Canada, but if Alaska is as breathtaking as Canada I can just well imagine! Our friend's use to waterski during the summer there and people would find that hard to believe! They were in the military, the Air Force and were stationed there, I don't know the name of the base. One of my dream's is to do the Alaskan cruise on Royal Caribbean. While we we're stationed at Grand Forks my favorite thing to do was to go snowmobiling for hours on end! Lot's of fun, plus during the winter that was the only way we could get around on base!

Kathy :kitten




<HTML>What some people don't realize is Alaska if laid over the lower 48 states would stretch coast to coast and top to bottom. If you want to see a few pictures we posted some in our gallery (Jetakai and Chippsetter).

Anchorage, though, is far from the back woods.

Kauai w/o the boat – Jan 2002
Statendam – Nov 2002
<img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/forums/download.php?f=1&file=dragnset.gif></HTML>


<HTML>Gitte......they forgot that the trucks which clean the systems are called "honey wagons".

As for Lady P...I came across a bunch here in Toronto this year.No instructions provided but I figured it out none the less. Mind you, wish I was a skiier or had better leg muscles...for taller people, they're not as tall as you'd like and the strain on knees does happen. I got asked for instructions on how to use them on the way out, so this has been a very instructive thread for anyone who's yet to have the social discussion on location in the ladies room!!</HTML>


<HTML>roflmao; Thanks, for another night of grins, from ear to ear. You guys are TOO much.. lol</HTML>


<HTML>oh boy -- knew I was in trouble when I briefly read "bidet" then headed straight to the bottom of the postings, only to read about "Lady P" and knees!!! Not having read earlier posts, does that mean I now have an honorary title? ROTFLMAO!!!!