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so, keelhauled again (and soon to be banned?)



OK, it's time to call a truce! I'm heading to my room to pull the covers over my head until this whole thing blows over. =sleep Someone call me when the coast is clear, or it's dinner time, which ever comes first.

Love you guys, {{{{{{ group hug }}}}}}


Disclaimer: This is not directed toward anyone in particular.

I speak from personal experience that moderators cannot be everywhere 24/7. And, sometimes, they need our help. Any posts that we find offensive or questionable can be reported to a moderator by clicking on "Report This Message" at the bottom of the post. I've done this a few times over the years...sometimes a post was removed, sometimes it wasn't. But I know they were reviewed.

I agree fully that equal treatment should apply to all.

See you all Sunday. (I'm in synagogue this evening and all day tomorrow.) Hugs to everyone!