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So,.....What do YOU do?

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Bensley's, May 9, 2001.

  1. BSeaBob

    BSeaBob Guest

    Supposed to be retired.... but now driving a "Special needs" bus from "Easter Seals" in our Community Services Program. I fit in well with the kids and I actually get some pay for having fun. Quite a group we got eh??
  2. jeffstern

    jeffstern Guest

    I'm a Claims Manager for an insurance adjusting company. Jacki is the Merchandise Manager for the company that runs the News Stands (21) at Miami International. We're both "Professional Cruisers..."
  3. I,m a Torque Study Technician in the quality control dept at Ford Motor Co. My partner and I do capability studies on all the air tools in our asembly plant on a constant rotation basis. With roughly 2500 workers on the day shift who use an average of 2-6 air tools per job ,we keep busy. But it,s the greatest job in the world, though!!! It took me 20 years to get there,(now have 35) but it was worth it!!! Elaine is a personnel specialist at our township administration building. She quit working 20 some years ago to raise our kids, but as soon as they were old enough, she went back to work so they both could complete college. She,s the BEST and one of a kind. Speaking of mothers, let me be the first(guarenteed this early!!) to say HAPPY MOTHER,S DAY to all you ladies out there!!!

    Keep posting and KEEP ON CRUISIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tim and Elaine
  4. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Guest

    I'm an Attorney--In-House Counsel to a rather large ($17 billion) corporation (Kaiser Permanente), specializing in transactional real estate and development...

    My wife is a Psychologist with the Los Angeles Unified School District...
  5. Marnor

    Marnor Guest

    Hey, Suez and I are in the same field! I am part owner/manager of a Bond Dept
    (surety agent) for a full-service independent insurance agency in California. Most of my clients are contractors, but we run the gamut from subdivision improvement bonding to misc. license and permit bonds. It's a very interesting "job", but I'd rather be c-r-u-i-s-i-n-g!

    My husband is a grading and underground contractor.
  6. CruzinTeen

    CruzinTeen Guest

    I'm a highschool student:)

  7. Toby

    Toby Guest

    Me 21 years as a Prison Guard...soon to be out of work courtesy of our Premier Mike Harris. Wife retired Nurse.
    No cruises on the horizon at least for a year or two as things stand right now
  8. o2cruise2

    o2cruise2 Guest

    I am the director of program management and systems engineering for a company that designs and manufactures video on demand systems. O2cruise is a retired paramedic who nows manages surgeries for a Urology group.
  9. Shelli

    Shelli Guest

    I'm an analyst with an information services company, and my husband is a bandleader (anybody having any weddings or Bar Mitzvahs coming up?). Check out his website, even though I don't know how to insert a link here:

  10. watergirl

    watergirl Guest

    Broadcast marketing and sales (radio group) for 18 years.
  11. April

    April Guest

    Ok you guys --nothing fancy with my job-- saves me money for cruising lol
    Costco employee here - membership / returns and customer service and then some. Husband says he's retiring this Friday - Labor foreman for large Electrical construction company here in CA -Sasco Electric-- he will have to get another job to support my cruise habit --
  12. hotairbob

    hotairbob Guest

    Small town Nevada lawyer. Lots of domestic and family law. Teresa, want a job?
  13. andrea

    andrea Guest

    Hubby and I are self employed. We run our family farm that involves boarding horses and raising tobacco. We've also recently started our own construction services company. We offer services to area builders, developers, landscapers, commercial plumbers, etc. Basically we stay dirty all the time! We dig in the dirt, use alot of water, and get to play with big, mean, fun machines! But, hey, it keeps us cruisin'!

  14. maja

    maja Guest

    I work in a pediatric office-9 MD's ! I guess that I missed being around kids since my 4 have grown up!
    Recently became an outside cruise agent and sold 4 cruises to friends and relatives!!! That's my "fun" job, and keeps my mind off the fact that I can only cruise once a year!

    When I grow up, I want to move to Florida, work at Disney, and then retire to the Ft.Meyers area.
  15. Jan

    Jan Guest

    I am a telephone operator for now!
  16. AnnaT

    AnnaT Guest

    I'm a hardware engineer, working as a presales application engineer. I basically run around Silicon Valley with my sales team to convince my clients why they should part with their $$ for our software (in technical terms, of course).

    Hubby (Jeff) is a software engineering manager.

    hardware = computer chips/boards inside your computer;
    software = code that tells the chips/boards what to do...

    AnnaT aka nerdette
  17. Carmaster

    Carmaster Guest

    I am a General Manager of a Ford dealership, and Carmom is a "mom"and C.E.O. of the household, but I am the cruisekeeper....
  18. flyingfish

    flyingfish Guest

    Wow, what a diverse group! I have two years to go until I retire. But, until then I am a secretary to the Asst. Supt. of our school dist. We have 6240 students. Worked in Manhattan in my early years, married my high school sweetheart (he still is) , left work to raise a family.
    Went back locally and have been with the dist. for almost 25 years. My husband is a retired NYC cop, now working for a brokerage house in NYC. I look forward to retirement and spending time with my granddaughter Katrina. Life is good!
  19. Silver PT

    Silver PT Guest

    I am a Director of Operations for a Facility Management company in Maryland and my wife is a wife, mother, domestic engineer, crossing guard, part time cafateria worker and owns her own home based custom cake business. Did I mention I only have one job. Her many jobs pays for our cruising habits.
  20. schmerl

    schmerl Guest

    I am an elementary school Guidance Counselor. Work with children grade K-4. LOVE IT!!

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