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Soda Card Yes or NO!

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Chelsi, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. Chelsi

    Chelsi Guest

    I can't decide if I should buy a soda card. Are soda drinks free during dinner and lunch and breakfast in the Main Dining Room? Do you just pay for drinks outside of the main dining room? Just wondering if it is worth the money? We don't drink alcohol so we aren't wooried about those types of drinks? Do they serve non-alcoholic wine, sparkling cider or anything like that?
  2. Soda is not free anywhere, anytime. With the soda card, you do not pay for soda (except for room service and mini bars). If you're heavy soda drinkers, it's worth it.
  3. aoscruiser

    aoscruiser Guest

    My husband got a soda card on our last cruise and felt it was well worth the money!

    He also enjoyed the convience of not having to swipe his card all the time. Once our waiter knew he had a soda card, he didn't have to show it again and if you're like him...refills during dinner can add up quick!
  4. Dandylyon

    Dandylyon Guest

    My husband found the soda card to be worth the $$.

    Some people have said that servers were not polite to soda card folks, but my husband never encountered that. The servers, restaurant, buffet, bar, wherever, were always polite.
  5. sweet sheep

    sweet sheep Guest

    How much is the soda card? I have never gotten one and forget what they charged! Thanks
  6. randy

    randy Guest

    It's approximately $5 per day, plus gratuity. Seems the one for the 11-day Hawaii cruise is $58. I plan on making it work--bring the cost per drink to 50 cents! A challenge!
  7. yankfan

    yankfan Guest

    I think it really depends on how much soda you drink and the type of cruise you are on.
    If the cruise is port intensive - you may not think it is worth it since you may be off the ship most of the days.
  8. Jeannine

    Jeannine Guest

    We just returned from Infinity and the soda package was a total waste of money at least for us. Bringing soda onboard and replenishing at ports if you wish, makes far more sense. We would never get them again. You always have ice in your cabin, bring your own mug.
  9. LBcruiser

    LBcruiser Guest

    It's $5/day, but you can't pick and choose days. We waited the first couple of days to see how much soda we were actually drinking, and it turned out we only really drank 2 each at $2/apiece so it wasn't worth it. I did get it for the last full day just for fun and drank myself silly for $5!
  10. Cruisin'Kim

    Cruisin'Kim Guest

    My husband and I don't purchase the soda cards. My husband isn't a soda drinker, I do enjoy it at home though.

    We do make use of the included juices and ice tea if we are looking for something non-alchoholic and cold to quench our thirst.

    Otherwise I usually will buy one when at port.

    I agree, tt really does depend on how much soda you drink, and how much time you will be spending at ports off the ship.

    Celebrity Century 8/21/2005
  11. AJ coast

    AJ coast Guest

    The soda card is definetly worth it. Celebrity charges 2.00 for a can of soda +30 cent for gratuities.
  12. randy

    randy Guest

    A post-cruise report:
    I bought the soda card upon boarding, and kept a tally just for fun. While I may have missed some, I believe that I drank a total of 73 sodas over the course of the 11 days, and this included a lot of the 24-oz insulated "water" bottles that I had them fill with my card. Never had a bar waiter or bartender give me anything but good service when I flashed my sticker. If I had paid by-the-can, I would have been out over $160 versus the $57 I paid. Your mileage may vary. Since I typically drink two to three at lunch and dinner, I knew going into the trip it'd be worthwhile. For an occasional soda drinker, the mini-bar in the cabin may make more sense--but if you drink more than 2 a day, you'd be better off with the sticker.
  13. jas2

    jas2 Guest

    My brother purchased a soda card on the Zuiderdam this Spring. He said it was defintely worth the money. When he ordered, the waiter would automatically bring him two sodas.
  14. sailboat

    sailboat Guest

    The soda card is like a breakfast buffet at a landside restaurant. If you have a hearty appetite, it's worth the charge--otherwise, you are better off sticking with the menu. Considering the amount of paperwork (not to mention paper) that the cruise lines save when pax use a soda card, you would think they'd offer a better deal to encourage purchase and use.
  15. CruzinCA

    CruzinCA Guest

    With the soda card do you get fountain drinks or cans?
  16. AJ coast

    AJ coast Guest

  17. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    I brought on a case of coke last week. No problem.

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