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Soda Card??

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by jkpatter, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. jkpatter

    jkpatter Guest

    Does Princess offer a soda card? My friend returned from a RC trip and told me all about the soda sticker she bought for $25.00. She was able to drink all the soda she wanted during her trip without being charged everytime. Just a thought! Also, how much is a single soda on board?

    - Jodes
  2. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    Princess does offer a soda sticker..it's a different cost versus days of sailing...it was 25.00 per person a sticker on their Sign and sail card..this was for a 7 day cruise. 37.50 for a 10 day sailing ...well worth the money if you like a lot of soda..Princess also does let you hand carry on soda too,as a carry on luggage..for the soda sticker; this is all fountain soda, seltzer, and club soda; unlimited, and we had very pleasant waiters to fill it all day/ nights....not CANS of soda .that is about 1.75 per can PLUS 15% gratuity..Happy sailing..:daisy..Joanne
  3. jkpatter

    jkpatter Guest

    Thank you for the information. That is well worth it. I think bringing soda with me as a carry on will be a hassle. I'm already planning to bring a few bottles of wine. I can only imagine the person checking my carry-on that would be packed full of soda and wine.. thinking "Boy.. she is thirsty!"
  4. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    You might find getting the wine on board a little harder than getting a soft drinks on board. Princess might not allow you to bring the wine on board. Typically if you buy it in port, they hold it for you until the last day, so you might want to check further on this.
  5. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    On all the fine print on Princess;homesite and on board....wine and Champagne ONLY..is allowed and never had a problem in 12 years for 6 cruises bringing our favorites.I hand carry it on board at sailing ; up the gangway wrapped in bubble wrap..since it is santioned it goes right through board check. for security and x-ray and believe me when I vouch EVERYTHING is scanned nowadays..we made friends with a Security Manager on our February sailing, anad while he gave no details..a big :nono..it's ALL checked for the sailings protection....:grin.......we do bring our own corkscrew in packed luggage as we have it on our balcony or topside, and I bring plastic champagne flutes/ wine glasses..( water glasses that are plastic from the Horizon Court are a little tacky!! :grin..hehehe )....available at all the "party stores", Walmart etc..there is a $10.00 per bottle corkage fee for your brought from home wine to your Dining table..Salut!! :grin..Joanne
  6. Cruisnbrat

    Cruisnbrat Guest

    On our cruises for a 7 day it was 22.50 and for the 10 day that we went on it was only 25.00 but at any price if you are a soda drinker it is well worth the money. We always get the soda sticker. good luck and have a wounderful time.
  7. belgique

    belgique Guest

    Soda card was $29.00 for a 10 day cruise on the Dawn Princess last March - well worth it if you drink a lot of soda. They are Coke products.
  8. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Well worth the cost and kudos to Princess for NOT gouging in the price as we have NEVER paid more than $27.50 for our 10 days onboard. HAL was $40 for 10 days but they also served cans in certain places so perhaps that had something to do with the higher costs. =shrug

  9. richnsht

    richnsht Guest

    My wife and I just got back from cruising the Caribbean Princess. We Purchased ONE soda card and both shared it. When I ordered a soda from a waiter or the bar, I ordered a large one, large enough to share. Also when you order a soda, you just flash the card with the sticker, THEY DON'T EVEN LOOK AT THE NAME ON THE CARD!!!!!! We found paying for the one card WAS WELL WORTH IT. We definately got our monies worth!!!!! $3.95/day is correct price. However can of soda is $1.50 + 15%. If you are going to share the card like we did, I PROMISE you will get your money's worth.
  10. bikevegas

    bikevegas Guest

    Go with the soda card! It is well worth the cost! We were on a seven day cruise and you will get your moneys worth!:USA:AL
  11. jkpatter

    jkpatter Guest

    Thanks so much for all the advice. I think I we will buy one sticker and share it - that sounds like a great idea. Also, how do I purchase a soda sticker? Do I have to wait until I am on the boat? Are there any other sticker's I need to know about?

    Thanks a Bunch!
  12. mikesteg

    mikesteg Guest

    There is the "drink of the day" sticker. If you buy the drink of the day the 1st day, you are supposed to get discounted refills in the special cup for the week. However, instead of toting around the cup they give you a sticker which allows you to get a "refill" any time.

    FWIW, there was a whole thread debating if sharing=stealing a couple of weeks ago. It is entirely up to you and there is little doubt that you can get away with it, but please don't assume that this is the normal behavior or that Princess expects sharing.
  13. jkpatter

    jkpatter Guest

    I say sharing since my fiance only drinks 1 soda a day in his normal life... I am assuming he will continue that on the boat since he does on all our other vacations. He is a big water and ice tea type of guy - might go for a extra cold beer once every six months :O) So it would be useless to purchase a sticker for him. Me on the other hand... I am the person who prefers soda in the morning instead of coffee.

    Thanks for the heads up regarding the special drink sticker - that sounds great! How much is the special drink special sticker typically cost?

  14. jkpatter

    jkpatter Guest

    Just came back -

    The 10 day soda card cost $3.95 per day + 15% grat.

    The total = $45.43

    They sold it during day 1 and 2 a lot. Rarely saw it being sold the remaining of the cruise.
  15. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Yep, they've raised the prices to be closer to RCI's high soda card prices. It used to be that Princess' soda cards were far, far less than every other cruise lines. We've bought them for years and years and one thing I've noticed is that the bartenders treat you like second class citizens when you have them. No matter what cruise line, we've found this to be true.

    We always buy 4 of them, 1 for each of us, never share cards, always say a polite, "please" and "thank you" and yet, the bar tenders are grouchy about serving the drinks and mad because they aren't getting a new 15% tip with each drink they serve. (They do get the 15% when you buy the soda card, but it still seems to make them mad.)

    For the first time this Dec., I think we'll just buy our drinks piece-meal - one at a time - instead of using the soda package.
  16. jkpatter

    jkpatter Guest

    Inoticed they were getting annoyed too. At several bars they would have pre-poured sodas in rows of flavor sitting on the bar ready to hand someone when asked. I was given one that had been sitting there a while (ice melted and a lot of residue on the outside of the glass) the first day and said nothing. The next one was served the same way! I asked for a new glass and a freshly poured soda - I too was looked at as a second-class citizen. This was common at the Characters Bar right off the pool area on the Regal.

    Another thing about buying the cards - when I agreed to buy them there was nothing mentioned about price. Nothing was listed near the table I was purchasing them at. When they asked me to sign for the coke card, I noticed the price was not listed on the receipt just the words "Coke Promo - 2". I asked the price and they were actually hesitant to say. I repeated the question before I signed the card and was told $3.95 a day. I think people would think twice if they told you the actual price after the 15% grat. added to it. I know if she told me two soda cards would cost $90.86 - I would of settled for one since my husband had only 1 Sprite a day with the exception of the four days at sea where he had 3 each day (total 18 sodas). On the bar menu at Characters a Soda was listed for $1.00 (I think they only served fountain in glasses and not cans). As for my soda consumption - I am not that found of Diet Coke so I was drinking 2-3 a day max. It really wasn't worth the cards for the amount we consumed.

    I did discover the ice tea was good if you mixed it with half water (it taste like strong instant Lipton left as is - adding the water made it taste more like brewed tea). The coffee was terrible and the mochas, latte's, etc. were not much better but the price was only $2.75 each so what can I expect?
  17. shonandsuzie

    shonandsuzie Guest

    Do you know what free drinks are available throughout the day? I know on Carnival there is punch and lemonade and fruit juice. Is this true on Princess as well?
  18. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    From reading cruise pages---Princess has the lowest price soda card-- where Carnival and Royal sold then for over 45.pp for a 7 day cruise. thats 90 bucks for one couple.

    If pirncess sells the cards for 25.00 then we will get one. I dont drinka lot of soda and the SO only drinks it at dinner== 3 cups at a time..lol but he learned to do without at a costs of almsot 50 bucks.
  19. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Suzie, that's not the case with Princess. They do have free coffee, sometimes lemonade and water, but that's all I've ever seen on Princess or RCI.
  20. jkpatter

    jkpatter Guest

    The only free drinks were coffee, milk (whole and 1%) and tea (ice and hot). They did offer an array of hot herbal teas. You can also get water (not in a bottle). I never saw anything else. The milk is available in the dining room or buffet only so you will have to personally get it from there.

    During breakfast you could have cranberry, orange, apple, and grapefruit juice for free. I never saw tomato but that doesn't mean it wasn't available for free? I did ask for cranberry juice at lunch in the dining house and they did bring it to me in the smallest 3 oz. glass they could find. I asked for three more glasses once it arrived and the waiter returned with a large glass in hand :O)

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