Soft Drink Package?

Bought my wife and kid a Soft Drink Package.

How does it work?

I am guessing they get a special cup to just fill at any fountain on the ship? Or will they get stuck having a bartender or waitress having to get it for them plus a tip?
Thanks Bob I have read that but leaves me with the same question. For example Bars and Lounges where a bar tender or waiter has to physically refill it behind a counter. Will they ding you for a tip?


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Actually, you already paid the tip--the soda package has 15% tacked on it. They do give you a special insulated cup, but you don't have to use that--you can just show your card and they'll give it to you in a regular glass if you want. Saves having to haul the larger cup around, but that insulated cup is nice around the pool--stays cold longer. It's a good deal if you drink 3 or more sodas a day.
Just watch some of the bars when getting filled - some use fountain pop - super watery, although on our last cruise on Explorer most were switching to cans


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Anyone know if they are still using the stickers on your room card for the soda package?

Allure'ing to my next cruise May 2012