Solstice Class ships?


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Hi, What do you think of the new Solstice Class ships? What are your impressions? Have you sailed?

George C

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I loved being on the Solstice, but I really didn't like the service in general, my review is posted. But as nice as the ship was I would sail it again.


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Hi Bob,

Your cruise review was fun to read because you kept saying how big the ship
I will be cruising on it on Jan. 10th which is not spring break so I will not have to worry about the crowds in the
I better take several walking shoes. I am looking foreward to cruising on the Soltice.


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I think the Solstice was a pretty big nice looking comfortable ship. Did I mention that it was big.

"There are only two elevator banks and I am not a fan. Seemed to me that I spent a lot of time waiting compared to other ships I have been on. It really is a long hike from the Aft bank to the Aft of the ship."

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This was my biggest problem with the Solstice . . . . . . . and we were on the same cruise. It is, as Bob mentions, a BIG ship . . . . . . . . seems like a mile walk from end to end. To not have a bank of elevators in or near the rear is, IMO, a design flaw.

Again, IMO, the size of the Solstice is either just at the edge or just over. Did Bob mention it was big. I am afraid that the size of ships I am most comfortable on are being relegated to other seas (so to speak) . . . . the Galaxy, Zenith, etc.

Other than this, I loved our cruise on the Solstice. It is a Beauty.
I guess next year I will be walking alot as I have an Aft cabin,
I guess I better make sure I don`t forget something in my cabin and have to walk back. Lots of walking is good for the heart:banana:
We sailed on the Solstice in Dec 2008. Yes! It is a very large ship but the ship never seen crowded.

The staterooms are very elegant
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We sailed on the Solstice in Dec 2008. Yes! It is a very large ship but the ship never seen crowded.

The staterooms are very elegant
I would agree that it didn't seem crowded most of the time.. BUT

On a sunny at sea day the Pool and the Pool deck on our cruise were nutz... You had to have sun screen on to slip in between the bodies on the deck and into the pool :)

also on Embarkation day..... the buffet and the seating area was also overflowing and we had an almost impossible task in finding a place to sit and have lunch. Some of our group actually ate in shifts.

I see on the main cruise board that RCI announced that they will have "Pool Butlers" on duty now to try and relieve the crowding especially on sea days. Trying to do away with chair hogs etc.
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