Some Improvement on 2Tall



I just spoke to Mike. He has been moved to telemetry/CCU from intensive Care. That is one step down in care so that is positive. They are checking his blood regularly to see how it is clotting, for blood sugar, and other things. Today he had to drink a big jug of something awful because his potassium levels were low. He has caught a cold now. His nose is bleeding from the oxygen also which is uncomfortable. I'll bring him some saline for that. His spirits are blah...he says he is sick of being sick. His diet is of course restricted so he is a little fed up with that. But his vitals remain stable. They believe this new drug regiment has begun to kick in to dissolve those clots now he just needs to stay very quiet and let the drugs do their thing. If he continues to improve with no set backs, they are looking at end of week for a release but he will be injecting himself with blood thinning drugs for at least a few more days after release. He has turned another corner. Now just a few more days and he should be really on the road but with many restrictions on him for a while.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.


Great news! It will be hard on both of you as it may be a complete new way of life. But very much worth it! How is your Dad doing?



Judy, glad to hear the good news! He has been in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to do so. You take care of yourself also.



Good to hear,nice speaking with you on the phone,hope each day gets better and better.Hugs,John and Korina


Nice to have some positive news. Prayers that this trend continues with no more set backs. :angel


Judy - So glad to hear of Mike's improvement. I hope that the coming days bring continued improvement and that he is home soon!




That does sound like good news Judy. I know this has got to be hard on Mike but we are all here praying for him and our support is there for you girl. Thanks for keeping us posted.


Hope the improvement continues for Mike. It's no fun for him, but they know what is best and how to get him well again.

Hugs for you too, Judy (((hugs))))


I'm glad that everything is going better.

I hate that c@ does not work for me on my work computer and can't keep up with everyone!

Take care Judy,



It's good to know that 2Tall is improving. Now let's pray he behaves himself and follows doctor's orders.

S&M in Pgh

Baby steps - so glad to hear some good news. Try vaseline on a q-tip to keep the nose from drying out. I suffer from nosebleeds everytime winter rolls around.


So glad to hear that he's on the mend........but the question do you get the 'tall dude' to adhere to the doctors and that dancin' bunny's rules??????

Judy, please take care of yourself too!

When you get the chance, update us on your dad as hurry, just know that all of us continue our positive thoughts/prayers for everyone!



So glad to hear that he's improving. Now you can relax justalittlebit! Mike will continue to be in my prayers.


I just came from the hospital. Sigggh. The pulmonary doctor says he is going in the right direction. His coumadin is not at the desired concentration in his blood yet so he is getting shots in the stomach of lavanox to help him. He is very very tired tonight he hasn't slept for 2 nights now and not at all today. His breathing is still very winded when he talks or moves around. He was given permission to push his IV pole to the bathroom finally, . That is good news. But tonight he just seemed so tired. I didn't get one joke out of him tonight he is worn out. Just worn out and I'm sure some of the drugs are affecting his strength.

On top of that he is not eating well he says he just doesn't feel like eating. He did try for me tonight. And this hospital has a menu like you wouldn't believe. There is no meal time. From 6am to 8pm you order your meals when you are hungry. There are about 30 choices on the cardiac diet he can have. And lots of side orders also. They don't even call it meals, they call it room service.

It is a slow process but he is just fed up with being punched full of holes, and picked at constantly. And he has been a model patient believe me. He never complains to anyone. But he is tired. His bed on this floor had the ability to be extended so they added about 12 inches which is good he really needed it. Maybe he can rest better tonight. I pray tomorrow will be a better day with him finding more energy. The doctor says once his coumadin levels are where they need to be he will be released, probably Friday or Saturday. He will come home with injectable medications and a slew of other drugs. And possibly portable O2 also if he is still winded. I tried to explain to him that his body has been through extreme trauma and it is OK to feel anxious. Metabolically he is just going through so much. And, I think maybe he thought by now he would be breathing more easily and that is what is bothering him.

He is much further out of danger, he is off of the stationary monitor and now on a halter type. Now we just need to get him breathing well so that he will have more energy to recover. The doctor and nurses feel maybe by tomorrow he will start having some relief. His cardiac doctor says his cardiac status is good. He just called me to say he is settling in for the night. Good he needs it. I am doing some cleaning and laundry trying to get caught up.

The vacation time I would have taken next week to see my Dad, I will take off to stay with Mike instead. I don't want him alone in the house for a few days after he comes home.

Liz you asked about my Dad. He is doing OK pulling a few Jekyll and Hyde attitudes from what I hear. I asked my sister to hold on, to just do whatever she feels she needs to because I'm pretty much on overload here. She said OK she fully understands. So at least for this week I haven't been getting my nightly reports although I will check in tomorrow because he has a gastro appt. I cancelled my trip home next week there is no way Mike is going to be left here alone. And it would be foolish anyway, because I would be worried sick about him.
Thank you all for your concerns and prayers.

Well that is the latest on Mike. Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts. With a little time I'm feeling 2Tall will recover and be back to normal.