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Sorrento and amalfi coast drive

Discussion in 'Europe' started by geraldine, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. geraldine

    geraldine Guest

    I had heard of the wonderful coastline of Sorrento and Amalfi before arriving
    in Italy and I recommend to any traveller that they see it with a driver/guide
    who can not only make the day out more comfortable but also much more interesting with all their local knowledge and enthusiasm for their country.

    I can recommend Aldo Esposito who not only has new vehicles with airconditioning, but is also real ambassador for southern italy, he knew all
    about the area and took us to all the best spots, he even took us to a great
    local trattoria for lunch - A great day out !!!
    email him on chrismiller@libero.it
  2. ozziefan

    ozziefan Guest

    I can also vouch for hiring a driver for the Amalfi Coast. You enjoy the scenery far better when someone else is driving who knows the roads and every bend. We used Benvenuto Limos at www.benvenutolimos.com

    They were excellent in every aspect of the booking process and were great when we arrived. All new cars with plenty of Mercedes and good English speaking drivers. Loved them !

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