Sorry To Bring Sad News.....


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Late on Thursday afternoon, Lisa Pellman lost her Dad very suddenly. He collapsed at the funeral of his friend of many years. Also, Lisa's brother, who was with him had to be hospitalized and is still there.

I like to think that Lisa's Dad has already met up with his old friend and are creating their own special brand of mischief. Lisa does not remember a time when the friend was not a part of their lives.

Lisa and her sister, Laura are handling matters.....which are all the more difficult when being in total shock. Her Dad had not been ill and had just been given good reports from the doctors.

Anyone who wants Lisa's snail address can PM me.......or you can leave her a PM.
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Oh, how tragic. May Lisa's Dad rest in peace, may her brother recover quickly and may God give strength to the family and friends to cope with this series of shocks.

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I am so sorry to read of this tragedy ; please know that my prayers for the family are added to others.May they be comforted by their loved sad..Joanne


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Our thoughts and prayers have been with Lisa since we got the news...what a terrible shock.

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Oh my gosh - so sorry to hear this - may all the family find the peace and comfort they need at this time. I hope her brother heals qucikly! Please let her know she is in our thoughts and prayers!


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What sad news. I know that Lisa and her father are close. Sending prayers to her brother, as well. Thank you, Mgram, for letting us know.


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Dearest Lisa,words cant express what you are going thru right now,just remember Love is All that matters girl,he was loved and he was special,at a time like this the grief is overwhelming,know my thoughts are with you,much love and comfort in the days ahead. I pray your brother will be home soon and well.


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I am so sorry to hear this. What a dreadful shock it must have been to all of the family! My most sincere condolences to Lisa and all of her family.

May friends comfort you
May faith uphold you
May loving memories heal your heart.


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Thanks Mgram for posting this---guess I too am stil in shock--
Once again my thought and special prayers are with you



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I know that my response is very late and long overdue, but I want to thank all of you for your prayers and good thoughts. In less than a week it will be 6 months since I lost my Dad. The support of all of my online and "real life" friends has been fantastic. I still mourn my Dad's death every day, but I know that he has been reunited with all those who have gone before, especially his soul mate, Gusto who was really his best friend for the last years of his life. To quote Don Henley from his song "The Heart of the Matter": I'm learning to live without you know, but I miss you sometimes. The more I know, the less I understand; all the things I thought I knew, I'm learning again."