South Beach Hotel



Which of the hotels on the south beach area would someone recommend? We are looking for lower priced (for that area) up to $125 or so a night, rather be under $100 if possible. We will be there for 2 nights (Friday & Saturday) prior to our Paradise cruise May 20th. Any areas or specific hotels we should avoid? Some are offering pretty good prices $70-$90 but it is hard to tell by the pictures on the net. Thanks in advance!


Do you have to stay in South Beach? There is one hotel by the Bayside Market that some people here have recommended and also one by the port that most said they have watched the ships come in from... We took a tour of Miami from the airport hotel (long stay over before going home) and South Beach was pretty - we really liked the Bayside Marketplace too.. :) Debbie


We stayed at the Ritz Plaza Hotel in March and found a rate on the Internet for $175 a night. It is a restored Art Deco property, right on the beach, and just across from the Delano. Room was nice, service was great, and I'd recommend it. You might find summer rates are less. Right across the street from the Delano is a hotel in the $70 range (San Juan Hotel, I think) and it looked like a dive. The Fountainbleu is always a safe choice but I haven't checked their rates lately.



We stayed at the Breakwater which is right on Ocean Drive. Nice hotel which have all renovated rooms which are new but still art deco style- example linoleum floors etc. Our rate was $129 but I think you can get it cheaper thru Travelocity or just call and try to talk to the manager about rates. We stayed during Art Deco Week and it was full so couldn't lower our rate. You do need to be VERY careful where you stay because some hotels have not been renovated and our OLD and not so clean. Fortunatly I was there for a business meeting and had time to "shop" around for a hotel and actually viewed the rooms at several. We really enjoyed staying in the South Beach area, its a great place for dining and people watching. Right across from the ocean and if you really want to you can walk (about 1.5 mile) down to the park at the end of South Beach and watch the ships go out. (Saturday ships assuming you're cruising on Sunday)



If your intent on staying on South Beach, check out the hotels and narrow it down to 3-4 you are interested in. Them if you like, e-mail me and I'll get you the lowdown on each one. Most of them have been completely refurbished, and are, at least, decent. However, in my opinion, they are all overpriced. If you stay in downtown Miami, you're close to the Port, Bayside and a short taxi ride (15-20 minutes) to SoBe. If you're interested, I can give you a list of downtown hotels to check out....
Jeff, from Miami


We stayed at Loew's South Beach. Nice hotel, good off season rate ($129) for new hotel on the beach. Even better if you can get a Loew's card, with which you get upgraded to a room with free hors d'oevres and breakfast.


I agree that the SoBe hotels are overpriced. We got a "deal" in January, and still paid $130 per night (@ The National Hotel... which is supposed to be a premium hotel, but honestly no great shakes). We're going back in August -- this time I booked a room via Priceline. Got the Wyndham downtown for $40. I think Priceline is worth checking out.


One of our relative was suggesting the Days Inn in Art Deco/South Beach area and that Hotel is directly on the beach close to action. They stayed there and were happy with the facilities. I reserved that Hotel for our Jan. 2002 cruise on the VOS and got a $ 101/night rate.

I will check through Priceline about a month before to see if I can get something cheaper and can always cancel without penalties until 48hrs prior to check-in!