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Southeast Tours - Skagway



Has anyone taken the Yukon Horseback riding tour? We just booked today for July 4 - wondering if it is worth the money ($149 a person for about 4 hours of riding, snacks etc) - seems like a good deal, esp. compared to the dog sledding.


Thanks for any advice!



hi jj

i think this is the only horseback riding tour that goes to emerald lake. they say it is a awesome, must see sight. i have only heard good things about this trip. 6 of my family members will be taking it in july and cant wait. have a great time.


I have been on the horseback tour and it was excellent. Good horses - the horse I rode was Spirit and he made me laugh because he would groan going up the hills. He was gentle horse. The view of Emerald Lake - it is georgeous with the view of mountains in the backdrop. Wow and I can say it backwards woW! The guides were friendly and helpful. Overall, I would recommend this tour to anyone! I envy those who will be going on the trip - I had a look at the website for this tour and it brought back fond memories of my horseback adventure there. If you want to check it out the website is: [http://www.yukonhorses.com] I am computer illerate and don't know how to make this website to work when you type it in. I am used to the program just to do it automatically for you. Oh well - it is worthwhile for anyone interested in horseback riding to check out the tour!

Night rider

Our family are all horse people and this trail ride surpassed all that we have been on. First all their horses were fat and healthy which is important to us. The trip into the Yukon was one we won't forget to soon as well the Ranch we went to was unique with old buildings with lots of antiques and an cool cook house we all visited after the ride...

The ride was up into the high country with great vistas and several 360 views of snow capped mountain tops. The Emerald Lake colors are out of this world our picturs didn't seem to capture all the beauty. We spotted witld sheep on the mountains as well as we saw a couple of eagles on ur stop on a ridge top. Would recomm=end to anyone.

Have fun.


Night Rider,
Thanks so much for the info. It sounds like so much fun. We just booked this for our cruise in August. I'm so looking forward to it!


This is all great to hear...
I'm not a "horse person"...haven't ridden one in 30 years (since my college days.)...
But my daughters book a horse ride virtually every cruise in the Caribbean, they've ridden horses in San Juan...in Mexico, in Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan...and they wanted to do it in Alaska as well...Usually, we let them go on their own while my wife and I went on other excursions...

But, when I saw the pictures on the website on this one, I figured maybe this is one we should do too...We're doing helicopters in Juneau and Whale watching in Icy Strait Point, so this worked out as a great option for Skagway...

We're looking forward to it...

Night rider

I am sure you will have a great time.

Friends of ours are in the Yukon as we speak and are taking the Yukon horseback we are waiting to hear from them. We will have to wait another couple of years, but will be going back one day. Have fun everyone.

wendy z

we are renting an Avis car for $65- full size, and then we are going horse back riding on our own with yukonhorses.com the owners name is Joni- we are only riding for a 1 hour- at $50.00 pp. Much more reason than the tour- and we can pace ourselves the way we want to. Can't get lost- there is only one road- to Emerald Lake. Murray on the message board here has written a milepost of all of the places to stop. it can be accessed on-line. Joni is very helpful via email.