Southern Caribbean from San Juan



We were in Fort-de-France, Martinique as a stop last year, and it was the only island where we couldn't wait to get back on the boat. I have been to dozens of islands and this was the filthiest, least attractive, least friendly island; made Jamaica friendly, amde downtown Newark look lovely.

It was a good call to change ports. In the defense of Martinique, we did go on a snorkling excursion that afternoon to a section outside Fort-de-France, and that was delightful. Swimming through shimmering silver walls of schools of herring; saw octopii, heard whale calls... just delightful. The surrounding landscape was not upscale, but more kept, and the people marginally hospitable.

Our friends who did the rain forest tour were pleased with that, too. But stay out of the city.

Good luck with your alternative plans.


Too bad Martinique was removed. As posted elsewhere,I grew fond of the island.

In Barbados, the ship pier is attached to a mall. In there is a tourism office. In that office, we met and hired a cab dirver for a 3 hour drive of the north half of the island. His name was Winston. It was a very good experience. It cost $60 for 2. This was less per person than the bus tour through Destiny's shore excursion.

Aruba is many people's favorite island. It has a very strong sense of place and local pride. The island gets almost no rain. Yet unlike Arizona, the air is humid. Walking and browsing the stores in Oranjestad was fun. We took CCL shore excursion bus tour. I ws tired that day so it was a good way to zone out. The north cost, with natural bridge and Ayo rock formations was beautiful. At the butterfly farm, it was interesting but I almost lost my composure because it was so humid and still in there. The Aloe farm factory was a sales pitch, not much more. Our dirver, WInkler, a.k.a. "Winky" was great. Afterward, I went exploring a little off the toursit track. I kind of assumed that places in the Dutch sphere of influence also speak English. Spanish would have been handy.


we will be on the destiny on sept 5th. thinking of going to st john since we have been to st thomas several times and how much jewelry can one buy ??? looking for a good beach in barbados and aruba, no beaches in dominica ?????



I will be on the 4/11 cruise on the destiny with you... i was reading some of the boards and there is a website for the boatyard its

I'm trying to find the best things to do on the islands but there are so many opinions and ideas that i'm getting more confused...

have fun : )

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Wow aileenw! ........ is a great website to search for the perfect excursion, and it's loaded with detail information about each trip. After reading all that each port has to offer, I'm having a hard time eliminating which excursion not to take.
Thanks for the suggestion. Happy sailing in Sept.

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Anyone have any comments about Palm Beach in Aruba?

Anyone have a preference of Paynes Bay, Brandon's Beach, Paradise Beach, or Brighton Beach in Barbados?

Anyone have a preference of Coki Point Beach, Trunk Bay or Cinnamon Beach

Sailing Carnival Destiny in the Southern Caribbean May 23, 2004!!!


Hi Everyone. I am also going on the Destiny cruise to the Southern Caribbean on June 13th (anyone else going on this particular cruise?). I've done TONS and I mean TONS of research on everything to do in the islands. I'll post what we itend to do as well as things we would like to have done but couldn't because we'll have our 4 yr old with us.

San Juan - Bacardi Rum Plant tour, horseback riding (2 hrs, $35pp thru rainforest and beaches), old fort, rainforest and Observatory. Staying 3 nights at the Regency which is about $90 per night and you can use all of it's sister resorts amentities....The Wyndham Condado awesome is this??????????

St. Thomas - Coral World, Coki Beach, Magaens Bay Beach, Tram Ride and of course, shopping!!!

Dominica - ATV tour through rainforest (2 hrs. $80pp includes transportation), lunch buffet at Ft. Young Hotel. Would like to have done dolphin swim, but daughter was too young. Since doing the ATV tour, won't have time to do another island tour. I heard only do the whale/dolpin watching during the whale watching season otherwise not really worth the money. If time allows, we'll try to get a taxi to the popular fruit stands and parrot aviary at Botanical Gardens or do an Indian River boat tour. Dominica also has tubing down a river, horseback riding and a hike to Boiling Lake (LONG HIKE THOUGH).

Barbados - scuba dive (3 hrs, $100, 2 tank dive), Mullins Bay Beach, The Boatyard Beach. We are passing on the Harrisons Cave and the Wildlife least for the moment. I've been to places just like this and wasn't sure I wanted to go again. I am also passing on BOB (underwater scooter with air helmet) and Atlantis, because our excursions are already over $700 including the taxi rides.

Aruba - Bottom fishing ($72pp, 4 hrs), butterfly farm, dePalm Island if time permists or maybe Baby Beach for snorkeling ofr Palm Beach to "hang out". Wish we could go, but can't....The Jolly Roger. I think this is in Aruba, if not than Barbados. I've heard this is TONS of fun too. We will probably make a stop at Carlos and Charlies though :eek:)

I have lots of information on almost everything for booking excursions yourself. If anyone has questions, email me and I'd be more than happy to help. I have also found websites with coupons :eek:) and have some "inside advice" on alot of these excursions. I know I've forgotten to mention a lot of things, so if you have a question on something I didn't list, still email me I probably saved the website in my "Favorites" section on my computer.

P.S. I heard that the formal nights on the Destiny are the night in St. Thomas and the first "At Sea" night. (2 & 5th night). Also, if you want an AWESOME agent to book with, my Carnival Vacation Planner agent beat EVERYONE ELSES prices when I was quoting around, including the agents at 1-800-CARNIVAL that answered their phones. Email me and I'll give you his info, it's worth seeing if you can get a better, he doesn't care if you call him to see if the price has gone down...he really tries to make you happy.

Hope this helps!!!!